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Young men try to win affections of maiden of Oraíbi without success. Poor youth with patched blanket living at Achámali tells grandmother he will try. He goes, and young men sitting on Snake and other kivas see him and smile. Youth talks with maiden and asks her to marry him. She promises if parents are willing and he says he will fetch her to-morrow. Grandmother will not believe him, but next evening he goes and brings mána to grandmother's house. She grinds corn four days, but there is no one to make her bridal costume. Young man goes hunting and brings home much meat. Next morning grandmother washes head of bride and then goes hunting around. She

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finds nothing in rooms on north, west, and South sides, but on coming out of room on east side she brings complete bridal costume. She dresses up bride, sprinkles road of corn meal, and sends her home to her parents. Inhabitants of Snake and Náshabe kivas are angry at young man and plan how to kill him. They decide to make raid on Navaho. Grandmother hears of it through father of young wife, who is inhabitant of Snake kiva. She tells young man to send his wife's little sister to Snake kiva to call father to breakfast. In morning she goes to kiva for father and adds that in four days there will be war. Next day she repeats this, saying there will be war in three days. On third day she says to-morrow there will be war. 'Men make bows and arrows all day. Next morning she says there will be war that day. Navaho approach village and attack men in fields. Men of village descend to meet them. Hiyónatitiwa and father-in-law, well armed, go to old woman's house. She goes into different rooms and calls for Puma, Bear, Wild Cat and Wolf. Hopi meet Navaho, who ask where Hiyónatitiwa is. While talking young man and father-in-law descend mesa, accompanied by four animals. Animals rush on Navaho, who are nearly all killed, and also Hopi who have planned raid to get youth out of way and steal his wife.

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