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Maiden who refuses to marry watches maidens playing game. Young man dressed in blue Hopi blanket comes by and talks with her. in evening while she grinds corn, Katcina comes to Village and dances. Next morning maiden goes to same place and again youth joins her. She consents to marry him if parents willing. He is to come and get her next day. He tells her that he is Katcina who dances. In evening Katcina again comes dancing and singing. Mána's parents consent to marriage, and she takes tray of meal to meet him. They proceed together to kiva where are many different Katcinas. Youth is Circle Katcina. Here they remain until mána's bridal costume finished, and then she goes home followed by her husband. Woman bears two children who are Circle Katcinas. Once mother while husband away goes to edge of mesa. Hotóto Katcina comes and she goes away with him. Circle Katcina, finding his wife gone, takes children to Katcina house. After awhile father and two children go to find mother. They trace her to Sik'akva , where they find kiva, in which they remain over night and are fed by Haháii Wuhti, who sings that mother passed by there. In morning they proceed eastward and come to-Owl Spring, where they are entertained by another Haháii Wuhti. During night she goes to Ki'shiwuu where Katcinas have dance. p. 283 She returns, and three Circle Katcinas go and dance. Next morning Haháii Wuhti goes to another dance. She returns and tells them mother is there. They go and dance on plaza, and on return meet mother, who goes with them. At nightfall father sends children on and then kills wife by thrusting stick into her throat. He follows sons, but skeleton of wife follows and he runs away. He arrives at Háno, and goes into kiva where women who are making jugs hide him under pile of clay. Skeleton comes and finds him and he runs away. He goes into kiva at Wálpi, where war dance is being practiced. He is given drum, but Skeleton comes, and he rushes out to Mishóngnovi. He rushes into kiva where women are making trays for Lagón ceremony. Woman seats him in her lap and hides him under tray. Skeleton arrives and drives women about. Man rushes out and runs to Shongópavi, where same thing takes place. From here he runs to Matö'vi where Flute Society has ceremony. They tell him to go into spring and hide in top of sunflower stalk. When Skeleton comes, Flute priest tells her husband has gone into spring. She enters and sees sunflower stalk reflected in water and her husband on top of it. Thinking he is in water, she dives in and disappears, Man comes down and joins Flute players. On fourth day woman comes out of water dressed in bridal costume. Priests call two together and place them back to back. They make roads with sacred meal, one south and other north, and tell them to proceed four steps and then turn and meet again. Man returns when he has taken three steps. Priests call on woman to run. She starts and husband after her. They are still running and are two stars.

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