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Katcinas assemble in kiva in mountains and come to village in night. They dance on plaza while people sleeping. Not knowing what or who dancers are, people become angry and threaten to kill them. Katcinas run away and jump from bluff into large crack. Katcina Uncle is in lead. People set fire to them and burn them up, except Uncle, who is at bottom. He returns home singing and sobbing. He finds Hehéa Katcina hoeing, and tells what has happened. They go home to mountain, and when chief hears he orders Katcinas to assemble. They make it hail for three days. On fourth day they cause cloud to rise over mountains. Clouds spread over sky and Hopi expect good rain. It thunders and lightens and rains great hail stones. All crops are destroyed, and all people except one man and one woman are killed. Clouds then disperse and Katcinas say they are revenged.

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