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Kókoshori goes about stealing Hopi children. Woman throws stone at child who follows her. Child sits down and cries. Kókoshori pities it and takes it on his back to Kíshiwu. Katcinas are glad to see it and provide it with food. Child becomes homesick, and Kókoshori goes to look after parents, who also are homesick. Child is dressed and Katcinas fetch it, all carrying food. When they come to -village it rains very hard. Katcinas walk and sing about child. They come to parents' house and send child up. Katcinas follow, offering food, and distribute food among people. They go home and rain clouds go home. In morning people, are sick on account of maiden. After a while they have no longer meat to eat. Maiden is homesick after Kíshiwu, and dies. She is now living at Kíshiwu.

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