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On leaving sipahpuvi, Bear people separate and go ahead of others. They stay for various periods at different places, and finally come to Little Colorado River. Here they assume clan name. They see dead bear from which they take name. Another party takes skin of bear, from which they cut carrying straps, and is called Piqö'sha; another party is called Mû'yi, after mice which ate hair front bear's hide. These three parties are closely related. Another party comes, and is called after the Blue-birds that ate bear's body, and another that finds it full of spider-web is called Spider. Sixth party takes skull as drinking vessel, and is called jug clan, and seventh party becomes Ant clan, as they find place swarming with ants. These seven clans are thus considered as related. From Little Colorado River Bear clan moves eastward, finally to Matö'ví, where they remain considerable time. Then they move northward to site of Shongópavi, where they are first to arrive. They bring Blue Flute cult, by which they make crops grow quickly, and various Katcinas.

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