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In under-world people become contentious. They kill son of chief, who sends Mótsni to find place to get out. He flies up and finds opening. Pine is planted, and then reed, which reaches opening. Horn people climb up reed first, and hold upper part. Many people follow, Mocking-bird distributes languages to them. Man drops moccasin and has to make another, which is why Hopi have not very nice moccasins. Chief closes opening before all people come out, but one of sorcerers comes out. People start on different routes, white men taking southern route. Others go further north. Hopi bring Mû'yingwu, whose body consists of corn, and he cannot move fast. Hopi were to have horse but cannot ride, but Navaho can. Chief's son takes sick and dies. They think sorcerer has killed him. Sorcerer says he is down below. Chief looks down and sees child walking about in other world. Chief says people who die will go back to lower world. Coyote has stars in hand and throws them into sky. White people take with them Spider, who creates burros from scales rubbed from her skin, So they reach place of sunrise first. Star arises in south as agreed signal to others. Party comes on bear and is called Bear clan. Other parties come and receive names from incidents connected with bear (as in story No. 8, with some variations). They soon separate. and Spider clan wanders about long time. Finally it arrives at Chûkúvi, where are Squash and Sand clans. To escape raids people, with those of Mishóngnovi, remove to mesa and build present village of Mishóngnovi.

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