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Old men of Píhk'ash and Kókop clans wonder where Colorado River flows They build box, put provisions and four báhos with young man into box, and send it floating down river. When box will go no further young man gets out. He sees water everywhere. In midst is house. Hurúing Wuhti comes out and calls him four times. He goes to her house on road made by corn-meal ball she rolls on water. In evening Hurúing Wuhti sends him into side room Sun comes sitting on disk attached to pole. He is dressed like Katcina. He assorts báhos offered him on course around earth and throws those of bad people away. He takes bath and eats food. He then goes into house under

p. 279

earth on course again. In east he goes down in house. Hence bahos offered to Sun are carried eastward to Sun shrines. There live Flutes of Sun Clan, who always play and the Sun rises. Hence gray fox-skin is put up at white dawn and yellow fox-skin at yellow dawn.

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