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Formula of Medicine for Childbirth. 1

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He came to the middle of the world where two maidens were living. He smoked himself all day. When the sun went down they came out to look at him. The next day they were pregnant. Their brothers went into the sweat-house after him. They were going to cut the girls open and then kill him. "Wait," said Yīmantūwiñyai, "I will make medicine. Give me a cup." "Make the medicine right here," they said. Right there in the house he made it of ashes. Then he hung up the straps of the carrying baskets. He put some of the medicine in the mouth of one of them and rubbed some of it across her abdomen. When he turned around he heard a baby cry. When he had done the same to the other he turned again and heard another baby cry. "This way it will be with those who know my medicine." 1


278:1 Told at Hupa, June 1901, by Mary Marshall.

279:1 For another version of this incident, compare pp. 125-6.

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