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Formula of Medicine for Pregnant Women (Bear's Medicine.) 1

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While walking in the middle of the world Bear got this way. Young grew in her body. All day and all night she fed. After a while she got so big she could not walk. Then she began to consider why she was in that condition, "I wonder if they will be the way I am, in the Indian world?" She heard someone talking behind her. It said, "Put me in your mouth. You are in this condition for the sake of Indians."

When she looked around she saw a single plant of redwood sorrel 1 standing there. She put it into her mouth. The next day she found she was able to walk. She thought, "It will be this way in the Indian world with this medicine. This will be my medicine. At best not many will know about me I will leave it in the Indian world. They will talk to me with it."


276:1 Told at Hupa, June 1901, by Mary Marshall. This medicine is for the same purpose as the preceding, and may be used along with it or alternately.

277:1 Oxalis Oregana.

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