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The Coming of White Men. 1

p. 201

When they first came along with a pack-train we ran away and hid. They came up on to the flat cast of Medildiñ and went around among the houses of the village. They began to buy Manzanita flour with small blue beads. Those with brave hearts traded with them. Some of us ran away from them. The babies were hid in the storage baskets. They went across the river south of Medildiñ and camped for the night. They came back the next day and traded hatchets for the native dogs which they ate. After remaining only one night they went up the river with their train.


200:1 Told at Hupa, July 1902, by the wife of Dan Miskût. She was born at Medildiñ and lived there until her marriage. She appears to be about 75 years old. Her younger brother at the time of this incident was a small child. He was hid in a storage basket. He now has the appearance of a man of 65 or 70 years.

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