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The Coming of White Men. 1

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It was winter when they heard they were coming from the south. "Let us make a dance or do something else," they said. "Something is coming." Then they heard that they had already reached Southfork. Southfork men ran down to Medildiñ and told them that the strangers did no harm. They came down to Medildiñ and camped for the night on the other side above the village. There they bought bear, fox, and coon hides, giving hatchets and knives for them. They came down here to Sauwtitcdiñ and camped on the north side of the creek. We ran away from them down into the cañon. They went on and spent the next night at Bloody camp. Then they say they went on crossing Pine creek at Martin's Perry. They went over the Bald Hills coming out to the ocean at the mouth of the Klamath.

Three or four years after that they heard a boat had come in at Trinidad. A Bald Hill Indian ran over and reported that something was coming. They camped at French camp. Then they came here. They bought otter-skins with blue beads. They went on this way up the river.


198:1 Told at Hupa, July 1902, by McCann, a white-haired old man who was born and has always lived at the northern end of the valley near the beginning, of the cañon. He said that he was at this time about as large as his grandson who is probably 10 years old. He appears now to be between 70 and 75 years of age.

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