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Editorial Note

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Why God Permits Idolatry

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The Lamp that Goes Out when its Light is Done, and the Figs that are Gathered in their Due Season

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The Labourers in the Vineyard

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The Likeness of a Palm-Tree

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The Tutor and the Naughty Princeling

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The Heritage of the Unborn Prince

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The Traveller and the Tree in the Desert

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Better Feed the Poor than Entertain the Angels

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The Sand, and the Furnace that Purifies

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The King Talks with all His Servants, Small and Great

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The Pavilion of the King's Daughter

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The Greedy Prince: The Vine is not Watered with Wine

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The Potter and his Wares: The Trials of the Righteous

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The Education of the Prince

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The Induction Robe of the Elder

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The King and the Weary Travellers: The Righteous know what is in Store

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Equality of all Before God: and the Parable of a Princess Attacked by Robbers

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The Father and his Son: The Bath and the Ocean

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The Tutor who Corrupted the King's Son

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The After-Life, and the Banquet of the King

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The Labourers in the Garden

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The Wise and the Foolish Guests at the King's Feast

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The Briar Rose that Saved the Trees

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The Two Pilots

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R. Judah as Prototype of the Ancient Mariner

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Revelations of Mercy and of Punishment

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The Citizen Married to the King's Daughter

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The Parable of the Two Ships

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The Child who Questioned though Carried by his Father

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The King's Son without Rations

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The Voiceless Deeps that Praise the Lord: The Parable of the Mutes who Praised the King

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