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The Wisdom of Israel, by Edwin Collins, [1910], at


A certain king had an only son. Every day and every hour he would say: "Now, my son, eat," "now, my son, drink," "now, my son, go to the house of study," "now, my son, come from the house of study." There was no moment

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when the king, in his love and anxiety for his son, had not some command, or instruction, or admonition for him. This is like the dealing of the Holy One, blessed be He, with Israel. Every day He said unto Moses: "Command the children of Israel," "say unto the children of Israel," "speak unto the children of Israel." It is the love of God for His people, and His will to make them perfect, in body as well as in character, that accounts for His loading them with incessant commandments.

Vayikra Rabbah, Chap. II.

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