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The Wisdom of Israel, by Edwin Collins, [1910], at


"He hath not done so to any nation," etc. (Ps. cxlviii.).

Why did not God give the whole law to all the peoples; since all the peoples of the earth belong to God? God gave some laws to Adam, more still to Noah, still more to Abraham. He gave to all peoples such laws as they needed, and could keep, and worldly prosperity as well. The laws of right conduct, morality, and mercy, were given for all men; but at Mount Sinai Israel said: "All that the Lord sayeth we will do and we will hear." Therefore he showed them the distinction between clean and unclean, between holy and profane, and gave them the Law of Holiness. Rabbi Eliezar likened this to a parable of a king who went out to battle, and his legions went with him. And meat was prepared, and he gave portions to every one, rations according to their needs, and what they wanted. Then said his son: "What will you give me?" Then said the king: "I have given

p. 58

thee no rations; thou shalt share what I have prepared for myself."

Shemoth Rabbah, Chap. XXX. Compare the idea with Schiller's Theilung der Erde.

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