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642. IN those abodes (otherwise forms) of fragrance the beard beginneth to appear from the top of the ears, and it descendeth and ascendeth in the place of fragrance.

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643. The hairs of the beard are black, and beautiful in form as in (that of) a robust youth.

644. The oil of dignity of the supernal beard of the Ancient One (floweth down) in this beard of Microprosopus.

645. The beautiful arrangement of this beard is divided into nine parts. But when the most holy oil of dignity of the Most Holy Ancient One sendeth down rays into this beard, its parts are found to be twenty-two. 1

646. And then all things exist in benediction, and thence Israel the patriarch (i.e., Jacob) took his blessing. And the symbol of this is to be found in these words, Gen. xlviii. 20: "BK, with the twenty-two, shall Israel bless." (The real translation of BK is "in thee," but the numerical value of BK is twenty-two; hence the symbolism here rendered.)

647. We have described the conformations of the beard already, in the Conclave of the Assembly. Here also I desire to enter upon this matter in all humility.

648. Now we thus examined all the parts of the beard, that in the Conclave of the Assembly (we found) that they were all disposed from the parts of the beard of the Most Holy Ancient One.

649. Six there are; nine they are called. For the first conformation goeth forth through that Spark of the most refulgent light-bearer, 2 and goeth down beneath the hair of the head, assuredly beneath those locks which overhang the ears.

650. And it descendeth before the opening of the ears unto the beginning of the mouth.

651. But this arrangement is not found in the Most Holy Ancient One. But when that fountain of Wisdom, ChKMThA, Chokmatha, floweth down from MZLA, Mezla, the Influence of the Most Holy Ancient One, and dependeth

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from Him, and when Aima, the Mother, ariseth, and is included in that subtle ether, then She, Aima, assumeth that white brilliance. 1

652. And the Scintilla entereth and departeth, and together mutually are They bound, and thence cometh the One Form.

653. And when there is need, One ariseth above the Other, and the Other again. is concealed in the presence of Its Companion.

654. And therefore there is need of all things; of one thing for performing vengeance, of another for showing forth mercy.

655. And therefore David the king hath sought out this beard, as we have shown already.

656. In this beard nine conformations are found, (among which are) six myriads which depend among them, and are extended throughout the whole body.

657. And those six which depend hang in the locks which are beneath the abodes of fragrance, three on this side and three on that.

658. And in the ornamentation of the beard hang the three remaining (conformations); one above the lips, and two in those locks which hang down upon the chest.

659. And all those six (other conformations), three on this side and three on that side, go forth, and all depend from those locks which hang down, and they are extended throughout the whole body.

660. But on account of those three (conformations), which are more connected with the ornament of the beard than all the others, the Holy Name is written in its purity.

661. When it is written thus. Ps. cxviii. 5: "I invoked IH, Yah, in my trouble: IH, Yah, heard me at large: Tetragrammaton is with me, therefore I will not fear."

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662. But that which we have already laid down in the Conclave of the Assembly concerning these words, "In my trouble I invoked IH, Yah," that this is to be referred to that place where the beard beginneth to be extended, which place is more remote, and before the ears, is also correct.

663. And in the book of the dissertation of the school of Rav Yeyeva the Elder it is thus said and established, that the beginning of the beard cometh from the supernal ChSD, Chesed, Mercy.

664. Concerning which it is written, "LK IHVH HGDVLH VHGBVRH VHThPARTh, Leka, Tetragrammaton, Ha-Gedulah, Ve-Ha-Geburah, Ve-Ha-Tiphereth, Thine, O Tetragrammaton, Gedulah (another name for Chesed), Geburah, and Tiphereth (the names of the fourth, fifth, and sixth Sephiroth, which Protestants usually add to the end of the Lords Prayer, substituting, however, Malkuth for Gedulah), Thine, O Tetragrammaton, are the Mercy, the Power, and the Glory (or Beauty)." And all these are so, and thus it (the beard) commenceth.

665. Therefore the nine (conformations) arise from and depend from the beard; and thus it commenceth from before the ears. But (the conformations) remain not in permanence save through another cause, as we have before laid down.

666. For whensoever the universe hath need of mercy, the Influence, Mezla, of the Ancient one is uncovered; and all those conformations which exist in the most adorned beard of Microprosopus are found to be entirely mercies, yet so that they can exercise vengeance against the haters of the Israelites, and against those who afflict them.

667. But the whole ornament of the beard consisteth in those locks which hang down, because all things depend thencefrom.

668. All those hairs which are in the beard of Microprosopus are hard and rigid, because they all subject

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the judgments when the Most Holy Influence is manifested.

669. And when there is to be contention, then He appeareth like unto a brave hero, victorious in war. And then that becometh bare of hair which is bare of hair, and that becometh bald which is bald.

670. Moses commemorated these nine conformations a second time, Num. xiv. 17, when there was need to convert them all into mercy.

671. For although he recite not now the thirteen conformations (of the beard of Macroprosopus), yet from this idea the thing depended; for he did not allow himself to enter into those conformations simply that he might enumerate them.

672. But unto the Influence directed he his meditation, and made mention thereof. As it is written, Num. xiv. 117: "And now, I beseech thee, let KCh, Kach, the Power of Tetragrammaton, be great! "

673. What is to be understood by KCh IHVH, Kach Tetragrammaton, the Power of Tetragrammaton? Thus is MZLA QDIShA, Mezla Qadisha, the Holy Influence, called, even the Concealed with all Concealments. And from the Influence that Strength and that Light depend.

674. And since of this (Influence) Moses was speaking, and this (Influence) he was commemorating, and concerning this (Influence) he was meditating, he then immediately recited those nine conformations which belong unto Microprosopus.

675. So that they all might exist in light, and that judgment might not be found therein. And therefore this whole judgment (otherwise, this whole beard) dependeth from the Influence.

676. When the hairs begin to be restrained He Himself is as the hero of an army victorious in war.

677. In this beard (of Microprosopus) floweth down the oil of dignity from the Concealed Ancient One, as it is said, Ps. cxxxiii, 2: "Like excellent oil upon the head, descending upon the beard, the beard of Aaron."


324:1 I.e.. The various degrees of the whiteness.

325:1 Answering to the number of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which together with the ten Sephiroth form the thirty-two paths of wisdom of the "Sepher Yetzirah."

325:2 See, "Book of Concealed Mystery." ch. ii. § 31. 40. &c.

326:1 In the "Book of Concealed Mystery," ch i. § 31. HVA and ALHIM are shown to be interchangeable, and they both are FEMININE. And now we come to the "Three Mothers," of the "Sepher Yetzirah," the Great Supernal Feminine Triad, which is even BEFORE THE TRIUNE FATHER. I may say no more here; in fact, I have almost revealed too much. Let the reader carefully meditate on § 651, for there the indicible Arcanum is shadowed.

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