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632. His countenance is as two abodes of fragrance, and all that I have said before is His testimony.

633. For the testimony, ShDVThA, Sahedutha, dependeth from Him, and in all his testimony dependeth.

634. But these places of fragrance are white and red; the testimony of Ab the Rather, and Aima the Mother; the testimony of the inheritance which He hath taken by right and obtained.

635. And in our tradition we have also established by

p. 324

how many thousand degrees the whiteness differeth from the redness.

636. But yet at once they agree together in Him in one, 1 under the general form of the whiteness; for whensoever it is illuminated from the light of the white brilliance of the Ancient One, then that white brilliance overcloudeth the redness, and all things are found to be in light.

637. But whensoever judgments ascend (otherwise threaten) in the universe, and sinners are many, leprosy is found in all things (otherwise, throughout the universe), and the redness spreadeth over the countenance, and overcloudeth all the whiteness.

638. And then all things are found in judgment, and then (He putteth on) the vestments of zeal, which are called "the garments of vengeance" (Isa. lix. 17), and all things depend herefrom.

639. And because the testimony existeth in all things, hence so many Lords of Shields are enshrouded by those colours, and attend upon those colours.

640. When those colours are resplendent, the worlds all and singular exist in joy.

641. In that time when the white brilliance shineth all things appear in this colour; and when He appeareth in redness, similarly all things appear in that colour.


323:1 See Introduction concerning the names of the parts of the Soul.

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