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433. AND when both can be conjoined and bound together mutually (i.e., the Father and the Mother), there proceedeth thenceforth a certain hard Skull.

434. And it is extended on its sides, so that there may be one part on one side, and another one on another side.

435. For as the Most Holy Ancient One is found to include equally in Himself the Three Heads, 2 so all things

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are symbolized under the form of the Three Heads, as we have stated.

436. Into this skull (of Microprosopus) distilleth the dew from the White Head (of Macroprosopus), and covereth it.

437. And that dew appeareth to be of two colours, and by it is nourished the field of the holy apple trees.

438. And from this dew of this Skull is the manna prepared for the just in the world to come. 1

439. And by it shall the dead be raised to life.

440. But that manna hath not at any other time been prepared so that it might descend from this dew, save at that time when the Israelites were wandering in the wilderness, and the Ancient One supplied them with food from this place; because that afterwards it did not fall out so more fully.

44n This is the same which is said, Exod. xvi. 4: "Behold I rain upon you bread from heaven." And also that passage where it is thus written, Gen. xxvii. 28: "And the Elohim shall give unto thee of the dew of heaven."

442. These things occur in that time. Concerning another time it is written: "The food of man is from God the Most Holy One--blessed be He!"--and that dependeth from MZLA, Mezla, the Influence; assuredly, from the Influence rightly so called.

443. And therefore is it customary to say: "Concerning children, life, and nourishment, the matter dependeth not from merit, but from the Influence." For all these things depend from this Influence, as we have already shown.

444. Nine thousand myriads of worlds receive influence from and are uphold by that GVLGLThA, Golgeltha, Skull.

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445. And in all things is that subtle AVIRA, Auira, Ether, 1 contained, as It Itself containeth all things, and as. in It all things are comprehended.

446. His countenance is extended in two sides, 2 in two lights, which in themselves contain all things.

447. And when His countenance (i.e., that of Microprosopus) looketh back upon the countenance of the Most Holy Ancient One, all things are called ARK APIM, Arikh Aphim, Vastness of Countenance.,

448. What is ARK APIM, or Vastness of Countenance? Also it should rather be called ARVK APIM, Arokh Aphim, Vast in Countenance.

449. Assuredly thus is the tradition, since also He prolongeth His wrath against the wicked. But the phrase ARK APIM, Arikh Aphim, also implies the same as "healing power of countenance."

450. Seeing that health is never found in the world save when the countenances (of Macroprosopus and Microprosopus) mutually behold each other.

451. In the hollow of the Skull (of Microprosopus) shine three lights. And although thou canst call them three, yet notwithstanding are there four,  3 as we have before said.

452. He (Microprosopus) is the heir of His Father and of his Mother, and there are two inheritances from Them; all which things are bound together under the symbol of the Crown of His Head. And they are the phylacteries of His Head.

453. After that these are united together after a

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certain manner they shine, and go forth into the Three Cavities of the Skull.

454. (And then) singly they are developed each after its own manner, and they are extended through the whole body.

455. But they are associated together in two Brains, and the third Brain containeth the others in itself. 1

456. And it adhereth as well to the one side as to the other, and is expanded throughout the whole body.

457. And therefrom are formed two colours mixed together in one, and His countenance shineth.

458. And the colours of His countenance are symbols of Ab (the Father) and Aima (the Mother), and are called Däath (Knowledge) in Däath.

459. As it is written, 1 Sam. ii. 3: "Since El Daoth (plural) is Tetragrammaton," because in him there are two colours.

460. Unto Him (Microprosopus) are works ascribed diversely; but to the Most Holy Ancient One (operations) are not ascribed diversely.

461. For what reason doth He (Microprosopus) admit of variable disposition? Because He is the heir of two inheritances (i.e., from Chokmah and Binah).

462. Also it is written, Ps. xviii. 26: "With the merciful man thou shalt show thyself merciful."

463. But also truly and rightly have the Companions decided concerning that saying where it is written, Gen. xxix. 12: "And Jacob declared unto Rachel that he was her father's brother, and that he was Rebekah's son.

464. It is written, "Rebekah's son," and not "the son of Isaac." And all the mysteries are in Chokmah. 2

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465. And therefore is (Chokmah) called the Perfection of all: and to it is ascribed the name of Truth.

466. And therefore is it written, "And Jacob declared:" and not written, "and Jacob said."

467. Those (two) colours are extended throughout the whole Body (Microprosopus) and His Body cohereth with them.

468. In the Most Holy Ancient One, the Concealed with all Concealments, (things) are not ascribed diversely, and unto Him do they not tend (diversely), since the whole is the same (with itself) and (thus is) life unto all (things); and from Him judgment dependeth not (directly).

469. But concerning Him (Microprosopus) it is written, that unto Him are ascribed (diverse) works, properly speaking.


302:1 Compare this with Miölner. the hammer of Thor, of Scandinavian mythology.

302:2 Chokmah and Binah, included in Kether.

303:1 It is to be noted that this word is MNA, Manna, and is a Metathesis of the letters AMN, Amen, which has been shown in the "Book of Concealed Mystery" to be equal by Gematria to IHVH ADNI.

304:1 ? Astral Light.

304:2 Right and left; while in Macroprosopus "all is right."

304:3 At first sight this seems a contradiction, but on careful examination the difficulty disappears. A triangle is a fit expression of the number 3. It has 3 angles, it has 3 sides; but there is the whole figure itself also, which is the synthesis of the sides and the angles. So there are the 3 angles and the whole figure itself which contains them, and thus completes the Trinity by the Quaternary: in the Tetragrammaton, IHV, and H final, which forms the synthesis.

305:1 Thus rigidly following out the rule of the symbolism before given, that Chokmah and Binah are contained in Kether, in this is the key of all religions.

305:2 BChKMThA, Be-Chokmatha; ChKMThA is the emphatic Chaldee form of ChKMA, which is Chaldee for Hebrew ChKMH.

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