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389. HEREUNTO have I propounded how one thing agreeth with another; and I have expounded those things which have been concealed in the most Holy Ancient One, the Concealed with all Concealments; and how these are connected with those.

390. But now for a time I will discourse concerning the requisite parts of Microprosopus; especially concerning those which were not manifested in the Conclave of the Assembly, and which have been concealed in mine heart, and have not been given forth in order therefrom.

397. Hereunto have I mystically and in a subtle manner propounded all those matters. Blessed is his portion who entereth therein and departeth therefrom, and (blessed the portion) of those who shall be the heirs of that inheritance.

392. As it is written, Ps. cxliv. 15: "Blessed are the people with whom it is so," &c.

393. Now these be the matters which we have propounded. The Father 1 and the Mother 2 adhere unto the Ancient One, and also unto His conformation; since they depend from the Hidden Brain, Concealed with all Concealments, and are connected therewith.

394. And although the Most Holy Ancient One hath been conformed (as it were) alone (i.e., apparently apart from all things at first sight); yet when all things are accurately inspected, all things are HVA, Hoa, Himself, the Ancient One, alone.

395. Hoa is and Hoa shall be; and all those forms

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cohere with Himself, are concealed in Himself, and are not separated from Himself.

396. The Hidden Brain is not manifested, and (Microprosopus) doth not depend immediately from it.

397. The Father and the Mother proceed from this Brain, and depend from It, and are connected with It,

393. (Through Them) Microprosopus dependeth from the Most Holy Ancient One, and is connected (with Him). And these things have we already revealed in the Conclave of the Assembly.

399. Blessed is his portion who entereth therein and departeth therefrom, and hath known the paths; so that he declineth not unto the right hand, or unto the left.

400. But if any man entereth not therein and departeth therefrom, better were it for that (man) that he had never been born. For thus it is written, Hos. xiv., 10: "True are Thy ways, O Tetragrammaton!"

401. Rabbi Schimeon spake and said: Through the whole day have I meditated on that saying where it is said, Ps. xxxiv. 2: "My Nephesch 1 shall rejoice in Tetragrammaton, the humble shall hear thereof and rejoice;" and now that whole text is confirmed (in my mind).

402. "My Nephesch shall rejoice in Tetragrammaton." This is true, for my Neschamah is connected therewith, radiateth therein, adhereth thereto, and is occupied thereabout, and in this same occupation is exalted in its place.

403. "The humble shall hear thereof and rejoice." All those just and blessed man who have come into communion with God, the most Holy--blessed be He!--all hear and rejoice.

404. Ah I now is the Holy One confessed; and therefore magnify Tetragrammaton with me, and let us exalt His Name together!"

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405. Thus is it written, Gen. xxxvi. 31: "And those are the kings who reigned in the land of Edom." And also it is written thus, Ps. xlviii. 4: "Since, lo! the kings assembled, they passed away together."

406. "In the land of Edom." That is, "in the place wherewith the judgments are connected."

407. "They passed away together." As it is written, "And he died, and there reigned in his stead."

408. "They themselves beheld, so were they astonished; they feared, and hasted away." Because they remained not in their place, since the conformations of the King had not as yet been formed, and the Holy City and its wall were not as yet prepared.

409. This is that which followeth in the text: "As we have heard, so have we seen, in the city," &c. For all did not endure.

410. But She (the Bride) now subsisteth beside the Male, with Whom She abideth.

411. This is that which is written, Gen. xxxvi. 39: "And Hadar reigned in his stead, and the name of his city was Pau, and the name of his wife was Mehetabel, the daughter of Matred, the daughter of Mizaheb."

412. Assuredly this have we before explained in the Assembly. 1

413. Now, also, in the book of the teaching of Rav Hamenuna the Elder it is said: "And Hadar reigned in his stead." The word HDR, Hadar, is properly to be expounded according unto that which is said, Lev. xxiii. 40: "The fruit of trees which are HDR, Hadar, goodly."

414. "And the name of his wife Mehetabel," as it is written (in the text just cited), "branches of palm trees."

415. Also it is written, Ps. xcii. 3: "The just man shall flourish as the palm tree." For this is of the male and female sex.

416. She is called "the daughter of Matred;" that is,

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the Daughter from that place wherein all things are bound together, which is called AB, Father.

417. Also it is written, Job. xxviii. 13: "Man knoweth not the price thereof, neither is it found in the land of the living."

418. She is the Daughter of Aima, the Mother; from Whose side the judgments are applied which strive against all things.

419. The Daughter of Mizaheb because She hath nourishment from the two Countenances (Chokmah and Binah, which are within Kether); and shineth with two colours--namely from ChSD, Chesed, Mercy; and from DIN, Din, Judgment.

420. For before the world was established Countenance beheld not Countenance. 1

421. And therefore were the Prior Worlds destroyed, for the Prior Worlds were formed without (equilibrated) conformation.

422. But these which existed not in conformation are called vibrating flames and sparks, like as when the worker in stone striketh sparks from the flint with his hammer, or as when the smith smiteth the iron and dasheth forth sparks on every side.

423. And these sparks which fly forth flame and scintillate, but shortly they are extinguished. And these are called the Prior Worlds.

424. And therefore have they been destroyed, and persist not, until the Most Holy Ancient One can be conformed, and the workman can proceed unto His work.

425. And therefore have we related in our discourse that that ray sendeth forth sparks upon sparks in three hundred and twenty directions.

426. And those sparks are called the Prior Worlds, and suddenly they perished.

427. Then proceeded the workman unto His work, and was conformed, namely as Male and Female.

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428. And those sparks became extinct and died, but now all things subsist.

429. From a Light-Bearer of insupportable brightness proceeded a Radiating 1 Flame, dashing off like a vast and mighty hammer those sparks which were the Prior Worlds.

430. And with most subtle ether were these intermingled and bound mutually together, but only when they were conjoined together, even the Great Father and Great Mother.

431. From Hoa, Himself, is AB, the Father; and from Hoa, Himself, is Ruach, the Spirit; Who are hidden in the Ancient of Days, and therein is that ether concealed.

432. And It was connected with a light-bearer, which went forth from that Light-Bearer of insupportable brightness, which is hidden in the Bosom of Aima, the Great Mother.


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298:2 Binah.

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