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Sepher Yezirah

translated by Isidor Kalisch


The Sepher Yezirah is the central text of the Kabbalah, in which the doctrine of the 'mother letters' is expounded, and the associations between the other letters and the 'tree of life' are exposited.

PRODUCTION NOTES: This etext includes the Hebrew text and all of Kalisch's apparatus. The Hebrew text, which in the original book is on the (odd numbered) facing page, has been collated with the English translation; this is why there are only even numbered page numbers in the body of the etext. Viewing the Hebrew text requires that your browser be set up correctly to view Unicode: for more information, please refer to the Unicode instruction page. In particular, please follow the instructions on that page before firing off an email to me that the file is defective: it isn't, if you can't see the Hebrew text, the problem is your browser.

The pointed Hebrew text was entered by hand using a transliteration scheme. Each Hebrew letter was checked at least twice. This was a very laborious process, and it is inevitable that there are still errors in the Hebrew text, which I'll be happy to correct if they can be identified. Some of these may be due to substandard typography in the original, particularly the Hebrew in body text.

--J. B. Hare, 10/3/2005

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