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His Supplication for Thursday

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Praise is for Allah, His obligations are on our inhaling and exhaling of

breathing and all thoughts of mind are so much that we cannot count.

And His blessing in every moment that we cannot forget and in every

condition there is a benefit that is not secret. And He is Pure, He

subdues the strong and helps the weak and makes the poor rich and

accepts ordinary deeds and bestows more his blessings. He has power

over all things. And there is no other god except Allah. His perfectness

of blessings, correct device, incontrovertible arguments and gives

security as Allah is Great. His kingdom is safe and its foundations are

firm. His arrangement is incomparable His settlement of account is very

swift. And from all of His prophets Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) is best. O Allah

bestow Your blessings on Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his progeny. O My

Lord! On the day of resurrection one who is frightened or trembled or

terrified to be caught in resurrection day, or one who was proud and

now felt ashamed and idolaters, afflicted in checking their accounts,

terrified person pray to Allah. No shelter can hide him in this situation

and no one can give them shelter except You. He was repenting for his

bad deeds and was confessing for his great sins. Sorrows arrest him or

an expansion of earth which becomes narrow for him and he is assured

of his death and makes haste to repent before his death. If You do Your

favour on him and forgive, then O my Lord! When my desires dies You

are my wish, You are my shelter when I do not find any shelter. O my

Lord, You are one and alone in faith and greatness and in Oneness.

You are great in grandeur and magnificence. O my Lord, all praise is for

You. No shelter can hide You. No time or circumstance can change You,

You have created various things together in one place and created the

light of dawn and avert the darkness of night and makes sweet and pure

streams from the hard rocks and cold showers from the clouds and

makes the Sun shine like a lamp and makes the moon and the stars like

the towers of light for the world and created the things in the very

beginning without any effort or without taking pain. As You are the

master of all things and You are the Provider and Powerful over all

things. One can be said respectable only if You respect him and One

who is dishonoured by You is disgraced and if You make one fortunate

he is lucky and if You make him unfortunate he is miserable and if You

make one rich he is rich and if You make him dependant he is a beggar.

O Allah! You are my guardian and my fortune and my sustenance is in

Your hand. Send Your blessing on our chief, Muhammad and his

progeny (s.a.w.a.). And do good turn with me, which is worthy of Your

splendour. Be kind with one who is ignorant or falsehood has

over-whelmed him and make a truce with the world and make

commission of prohibition and sins. O my Lord, settle me with those who

seek protection by repentance. Repentance is an asylum of a sinful

person. Make me independent from the world by Your high power and

kindness. Do not make me dependant of anyone. Forgive me on the Day

of Judgment. No doubt You are kind and a more generous than others.

Your esteem is honourable of all. O my Lord, Your Beautiful Names and

great instances are overwhelming on the earth and the heaven. I in the

hopeful manner turned my face towards You so do not send me empty

handed from Your bounties. No doubt You are generous, graceful and

kind to all; and take care of the people. I beg You to bless Muhammad

Mustafa and his Progeny (s.a.w.a.) and increase my virtues and make

the last stage of my journey good, conceal my sins. O my Lord save me

from Your severe chastisement. You are merciful and generous. O Allah,

my good and bad deeds keep me in between virtues and chastisement. I

hope You shall conceal my bad virtues after confessing. O Forgiving, for

the sake of Your Mercy, forgive me for false steps taken. Because O my

Lord, there is no god except You to Whom I raise hope. No one is mine

except You to Whom I raise hope. No one is mine except You that I

request You to remove my poverty. O Forgiver of sins and troubles do

not turn me away without blessings. O my Lord! Make me happy, as I

will not be first one from the happiest men whom You made happy

before. O Master of blessings and severe Chastiser, let me be so

particular for salvation that misfortune cannot pass by and confer on me

good fortune that no trouble can come near it. Send me divine help of

love and fear of You and keep me safe from destruction and do not

allow the fire of hell over me. You are only worthy for salvation and

piety. I pray to You and You have promised acceptance so do not make

me disappointed. For the sake of Your blessings, favours and

providence I pray to You. O Allah You have power over all things. The

matters of the world and resurrection have made me sad, so make me

free as You are hearing and merciful to whom You like. Keep me among

the pious and Your beloved people who will be along with Your

Apostles, sincere, and martyrs in Paradise. They will be good virtuous

people. How nice will be their companionship? O My Lord! Whatever the

duties are on me, accomplish them especially the duties of my parents,

brothers and sisters and forgive me and them with all believing men and

women. Indeed You are very near, knower and hearer of prayers and

very auspicious. O the kind, the most kind of all. My request is very easy

for You. O Allah! Grant complete safety with Your blessings on

Muhammad Mustafa (s.a.w.a.) and his infallible and most pure Progeny.

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