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His Supplication for Wednesday

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Praise is for Allah Who is pleased with the one who invokes Him and

who supplicates to Him and in realizing his stubbornness His wrath is

concealed. Pure is Allah Who is aware of every whisper due to His

knowledge and is different from all the creatures possessing a body.

There is no Lord except Allah. He cannot be seen by imagination or with

eyes, and cannot be denied due to intellect and reason. Nor He can be

created by the heart. He is aware of the indication of eyes and the

secrets of the hearts and Allah is too great and Majestic Who is aware of

the Qualities of the creation and is aware of the secrets of the entire

Universe. O Allah! I seek from You like the one who does not fear his

lord while asking from Him, and I beseech You like the one who is

drowned in calamities and desires to come out of them. And I call upon

You, so restlessly as the one who is repenting on his sins and errors.

And You are the most merciful, Lord of the entire creation, creating

various creatures by Your Will. You have fixed their life span and their

sustenance creating of a creature is not difficult for You and designed

them as You desired. You are above everything so as not to be

dependant on anything, or that a partner be ascribed to You. We cannot

see You with eyes, no false belief can reach up to You, and You have

no partners, no opposite and no equal. You are one, alone and eternal.

You are the first, the last, the Knower, unconcerned and the everlasting,

You are not a son of anyone and no one is Your son. None is like You

and no one can understand You by praising or by imagination. No time,

no rotation of the earth can change You. You were Eternal and will

remain everlasting till end. You know what is concealed. Your

knowledge is same as for the apparent thing. O the one! O the one in

comparsion of Whose greatness the greatest personalities are nothing.

And before Whose might the mighty people are helpless. The words of

the litterateurs fail to reach His Being. The One Who has fixed the

course of action of everything. And the writings of the eloquent ones fail

to express His realities. O my Master! Would You punish me with the fire

while You are my aspiration? Or would You appoint the Hell Fire on me

while I confess to Your Oneness? And I humble myself to express my

helplessness and lowliness before you. Or my tongue would be

stammering at the time of the accounting while it were You Who had

forged the paths of Your glorification, praise and extolling. O Helper of

seekers, O Protector of frightened people who seek protection, of

frightened people who seek protection, O comforter to remove the sorry

state of afflicted persons. O cherisher, of learned people and O greatest

of all, O merciful, O my Lord, bless Muhammad Mustafa (s.a.w.a.) and

his progeny. Accept my repentance give me good health and do favour

for my livelihood and place me among the pious people. O Allah! You

considered me as a sinner, I cry for mercy and quote for the sake of

Your grace and honourable places and Your grandeur and magnificence

that no one can oppose You. O Allah, send Your blessings on

Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) Mustafa and his progeny. O My Lord, make me

fortunate because all matters are in Your possession. You are giving

Your protection as there is no one except You who can give protection.

You have power over all things. You are Merciful and Knower of all

things. You know what is in my heart but I am not aware what is in your

heart. Of course You know all secrets very well. Bestow Your favour on

me, as You always bestowed Your blessings on whom who showed high

handedness. Do favour on me as You obliged on them who were lost in

an ocean of errors and their errors caused them to die. O the One Who

is forgiving to the sinners, forgive and overlook my sins. Because You

always do favour on the sinners, and You have always dealt with mercy

those who stumble over sins and those who have dared to defy Your

commands and became eligible for Hell. O the One Who is aware of the

secrets, O the Overpowering and the Powerful. O my Master! You

Yourself fulfill the rights of the parents and siblings that You have made

incumbent upon me. Please transfer this responsibility of mine on

Yourself, O the One possessing grace and majesty. Forgive the

believing men and women; indeed You are powerful over everything.

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