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His Supplication for Tuesday

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Praise is for Allah Who granted His recognition and made me firm in

sincerity by the belief in His Oneness. Do not include me among the

astrayed ones, nor ignorant ones, nor the polytheists, nor among those

whom the Satan has overpowered and deviated and has made him far

away from his destination, and the one who made his desires, his lord.

And pure is Allah Who hears the cries of the restless and whom the

harm has afflicted and He knows the secrets, the Lord of the good and

evil and there is no Lord except Allah that when His creature sins, He

overlooks it, and sympathetically hastens towards the one who calls Him

and Allah is Great and Exalted. His kingdom is vast, His partner

non-existent, His throne is worth praise, and His Wrath severe. O My

Lord! I invoke You as the one, who has not found anyone better than

You, to grant his desires and have confidence in You as the one who

has not found anyone better than You to confide in, because You are

the One Who has initiated the beginning, and have brought it in

existence and it came into being by Your command in the destined limit.

And You are far Great and Majestic that by looking at Your signs, the

intellect can comprehend You. And You are so much aware that nothing

from the Heavens and the earth is hidden from You, only You are

Generous Who does not stop the bestowals due to continuous plea of

the seekers. Your order for the creatures is that You wish and it

materializes. Your order is enforced, Your promise is certain, Your

decision is Just, nothing is hidden from You, everything will return to

You. You are concealed in the veils of Your bounties, that You are not

seen, but is present in solitude, You are the greatest of all, Unique in

Magnificence and overpowering due to life and power. You are praised

in this World as well as in the Hereafter. And Your thanks in the

beginning and the end. O my Lord! You are forbearing and Powerful,

Merciful and forgiving, a true master, the subduer, the sustainer, a

matchless creator, the acceptor of supplications, and the one Who hears

it, the destiny of the far off scattered people is in Your power and

strength. The Ever living, the Self Existing, the Munificent, the Glorious,

the Kind, the Merciful, O my Lord You are such a Creator that You are

king of all the kings. The head is bowed down in front of the Great fear.

Our Holy people are punctual in Your obedience, and due to Your

Holiness, You are a possessor of greatness and Praise. The custody of

Your Creatures is not expensive for You and the bestowal of the

bounties on Your creatures does not decrease it. You are knower of the

Unseen, You have covered my defects and You are aware of the

amount of my sins. And You have blessed me with the love of Your

religion. O the merciful do not remove the cover from me (my sins) and

O the bestower of favours, do not degrade me, I pray to You to bestow

blessings upon Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his progeny and by Your

Grace increase my sustenance the pure and Holy. Forgive my sins,

which prove as a barrier between You and me, as You are only capable

to be Merciful towards me by Your Mercy and save me from Your severe

chastisement, and place me among Your Honourable creatures. O my

Lord put me among those pious souls whom the angles carry in the state

of purity, and say "Peace be on You" go and enter Heaven in exchange

of Your good deeds. O the Clement O the Rich for the sake of Your

Beneficence and Mercy I beseech You to bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.)

and his progeny and make me handle the rights of my mother and father

and fulfill their obligations on my behalf and divide me with them and my

brothers and sisters and put me and the believing man male and

females among the doers of good. Forgive me and all those with me,

indeed You are worth the praise and deserve the greatness. Bestow

Your Mercy on our Prophet and on all his family.

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