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His Supplication for Monday

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Praise is for Allah Who guided me towards Islam, enlightened me in

religion and granted me insight about those things in which people look

for allegations and accusation. Pure is Allah Who sustains the great and

the unjust, the intelligent and the fools, when He is Merciful towards the

negligent and careless, why will He not be Merciful on those who invoke

and beseech Him. There is no Lord except Allah and He bestows His

grace and Mercy on those who run away from His obedience so that

they may refrain from their tyranny and oppression and are prepared to

do good deeds with sincere people. And Allah is Great. He is tolerant

and knowledgeable Who has such amazing and marvelous proofs in the

universe which proves His Godhood, without a doubt. His recognition of

destinies and the excellent policies are adequate evidences and the just

witnesses are sufficient proof of His Oneness. O my Creator! O He Who

wards off the misfortune, aware of the secrets, gives abundance in

bestowal of rewards, I ask You, as the one who is ashamed of his sins

and is persistently absorbed in disobedience. I don't find anyone other

than You who can grant me refuge in it? And there is none other than

You, with whom I can get my helplessness dispelled and can put forth

my grievances. O the Lord of Majesty Your obligations has spread over

the entire creation and Your vast bounties have covered them up, and

Your complete bestowals are a source of happiness. O the Honourable

and the Generous and the abundant forgiver, and the one to deal strictly

with the disobedient I confess the errors of my soul and I plead to You

because I don't find a better place to seek pardon for my evil deeds,

other than You. O the bestower of the favourite bounties, and the

warder of calamities and the foremost in making the wishes come true.

The foreheads are bowed before You, don't send them dejected. Indeed

You do what pleases You and command what You like. O My Lord! O

my Master! When sorrow and shame is open and the feeling of fear and

chastisement has fallen down, then who is the lord from whom I can

have hopes, who is He to whom I can have hopes, who is He to whom I

can turn to and You are the Lord of forgiveness and the peak of Mercy.

O My Lord! Will You put me among those who will be destroyed,

whereas You are the best concealer (of sins)? Will You question me for

my sins in everybody's presence, whereas You are aware of the secrets

of the hearts? O Allah although I have been unjust on my soul, and have

overlooked Your commands, and have indulged myself in sins, and have

forgotten everything, but still You are the Owner of favours Who is

extremely kind towards the sinners and is benevolent upon the evil

doers by Your Grace. Thus! O the great Merciful, be kind upon me, as

You are the one Who can give peace to the living heart and by Your

favours, make the wishes of the hopeful come true. Your mercy also

showers on the undeserving. Give me shade in those desires, where

there is the sign of despair, and such a hope, which is not destined by

Your Chastisement. O He Who has covered everything by His

knowledge, O my Master, now my state is such that from dawn to dusk I

am begging at the door of Your Mercy and am away from asking from

anyone else other than You. And Your immense grace is too great to

reject the plea of a beggar, of a person who is imprisoned, one who is

inflicted with problems, and one who impatiently awaits Your forgiveness

to turn him down. O my Lord, the strength, intellect and thoughts are

incapable to gather knowledge about You and the tongues are

dumbstruck in praising You. Thus bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his

progeny by Your Grace and forgive my sins and grant me pure and

excellent and honourable sustenance by Your vast Grace. O the only

support of hopeful, O the one having power on the Heavens and the

Earth O the one to remain after the destruction of entire creation the

deeds on the day of reward and punishment, forgive my laxity O my

Lord! One who due to errors does not have trust on himself, then his

trust and the hope of the one who does not find any destination and the

hope of the one who does not have any hopes left due to his deeds. O

my Lord save me from destruction by Your Mercy, and put me among

Your appointed people, count me among the pious ones, forgive my sins

of the night and days, O the Knower of the secrets of the hearts, O the

possessor of grandeur and Majestic, the rights of my parents, brothers,

and sisters which are obligatory upon me, You fulfill them and relieve me

with Your Mercy and include me among those believers, whose

supplication You have accepted from the believing men and women.

Indeed You are Generous, Kind and an excessive forgiver. O Allah bless

Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his progeny and bestow Your best protection.

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