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His supplication for Sunday

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful

Praise is for Allah for His tolerance and His giving respite and Praise is

for Allah and I am certain that my sins are great but in front of Your

forgiveness, it is insignificant. And Glorification is for Him Who has

erected the skies without any pillars and created Heavens without any

passage of time and created the creatures from the rear and without any

support. And there is no Lord except Allah Who frightens those who

disobey and exceed the limits and scares those who are firm on

disobedience and arrogant on worship and as He is aware of the evil

consequence He has deputed His Proof. Thus He accepts the excuses

of those who are strayed in their ignorance and deviation. And Allah is

Great, He is Generous and Merciful. Whose unlimited favours and

excessive Mercy has no limits which He has bestowed on His Creatures

nor is there any boundary for the power which He has on the Creatures.

O Allah bestow such blessings on Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his

progeny as You had bestowed on Ibrahim and the progeny of Ibrahim.

Indeed You deserve the praise and magnanimity. O Allah I call upon You

like a sinner whose sins have destroyed him by narrowing his path and

there is no hope and respite except You, nor anyone more merciful than

You to listen to his complaints, nor a support better than You. You send

the bounties even before the commencement of merit, and have

bestowed favours on those who were not entitled for it. Neither

miserliness makes You rich or strong nor the question of those who

beseech You decreases Your Munificence. You have taken the

responsibility of sustaining the creatures so that You can bestow Your

Grace and Mercy upon them. O Allah! Prayers fall short in praising You

and tongues become dumb while enumerating Your favours. O Lord! I

have come in Your presence with a firm determination, although my sins

has engulfed me but You are the most Benevolent the most Honoured,

the most Generous among all, the best sustainer, the greatest Creator,

the First, the Last, the Apparent, the Concealed, the Most Honourable,

the most Kind. You are too great to refuse those whose hopes are

pinned on You, O the One Who deserves the praise, all the praise is for

You, O my Lord, if I have been negligent in being attentive to my soul

and have spent the days of my life in disobedience, still You are the

Lord of Bestowals, Possessor of Majesty, and Grandeur. Still Your

attention remains on this soul. Now make this soul successful in Your

Presence because You are the only Bestower, the Benefactor,

Possessor of Generosity, O the One to illuminate the dawn, Grant the

favours of this heart although it does not deserve. O the excessive

forgiver, O Allah I beseech You by those names which moulds the

destiny, by Your Honour which complete the actions, bless Muhammad

(s.a.w.a.) and his progeny and grant me pure and vast sustenance. O

the Beneficent and Merciful don't let any barrier come between You and

me. Grant me the position of those whom You have elevated their status

and have made Your approval forgiveness very common. O my Lord!

You have blessed Your representative with Your signs (miracles) and

have made Your protection necessary for them, and in order to save

them from destruction You have put them under Your care. I am also

Your insignificant creature, grant me salvation and protection and make

me attentive towards Your obedience. And Your Grace to make me

curtail disobedience because tongue speaks in various language,

tongues speak out and are fulfilling their desire, I have put my hopes to

ask for my needs and have hopes of erasing my defects because You

are fully aware of concealed things.

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