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His supplication for Saturday

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Praise is for Allah Who has connected my wishes with His forgiveness.

And has spread my desires with His mercy. Has strengthened my back

and the shoulders by His Generosity and Recognitions. He has not left

me without obligation and favours when I am involved in sins and

disobedience. And was negligent in His obedience, and have not fulfilled

the right of His fear and His chastisement. Allah is Pure on Whom the

believers rely and are devoted to Him in all the condition. No one is

independent of His grace. There is no god except Allah Who is attentive

to the one who is negligent about Him. Who accepts the repentance of

the one who does sins excessively. And He is displeased on the one

who has lost hopes of His Vast Blessings and Mercy, and Allah is above

all the things, Creator and Lord of all the things, the eradicator and

destroyer of all the things and Allah is Great, the greatness which He

deserves and it befits Him. O Allah bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) Your

servant, Your prophet, Your messenger, Your trustworthy, Your witness,

Pure and noble and on his progeny the Purified. O Allah! I ask You like

the one who has confessed his sins and like the one who has followed

the evil desires and is now ashamed of it, and You are the one Who can

be depended upon for forgiveness, and the best for the sinners and evil

doers because the sins have pushed them in the dark valley of

destruction, and is surrounded by errors and mistakes now the position

is such that I cannot consider the sins as insignificant. Now You are the

only place of hope and in hardships and ease You are the one on Whom

I rely. You are the refuge for the fearful who are drowning, and the

Merciful of all other mercifuls. O my Lord! I am presenting myself to You

attentively, because You are the climax for those who seek and the most

Merciful to accept the prayers of the sinners. O Allah! It is not difficult for

You to forgive the sins and cure the sorrow, although You are well

aware of the hidden things, You are the concealer of defects, and the

one to ward off the difficulties, because You are powerful, Everlasting

and Merciful and Who has worn the dress of Godhood and has

accepted the divinity of oneness. Now You are the pure from the status

of nature, so nobody can explain You by Your attributes and the

imagination of a man cannot comprehend You and the praise of people

equal to the number of Your Bounties and Your thankfulness equal to

the number of rotation of day and night. O Allah all the goodness are in

Your Power, and You are their Lord, the bestower of the cherished

bounties. You are the climax of aims, for the sake of Your vast Mercy I

seek nearness to You in which there is a place for everything. O Allah!

You are witnessing my status, aware of my heart, my affairs are not

concealed from You, and You are more nearer to me than my jugular

vein, so please accept my repentance by which I cannot repeat those

actions again which displease You, and grant me such a pardon after

which I don't indulge in sins, O the most Honourable of all the

Honourables. O my Lord, You have reformed the corrupted hearts and

they have changed and You are the one to oblige the deviated ones and

guide them by Your Guidance, and reinstate those deviated from the

right path and change their wrong deeds and laxity grant them Your

love, saved them from Your disobedience, bestowed on them the status

of good doers, put them among the successful people, O Lord, O the

most merciful of all the mercifuls, attach me together with those people.

O Allah I seek of You to bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and the progeny of

Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and increase my sustenance the clean, pure and

safe and grant me the initiative to do those actions, which makes me

nearer to You, O Allah I present my helplessness as the one who is

helpless and has accepted his deviation. O the one Who forgives, I

repent to You, O the bestower of abundance bounties, do not make me

unsuccessful due to my low deeds, O the most High and Majestic, You

have always dealt with the sinners by forgiveness, please conceal the

evil deeds of this despised soul. O Lord, I have directed my attention

towards You, by the right which You have made obligatory on me,

because I don't have any good deed with which I can present myself, the

evils deeds are a barrier between me and the pious people, and as my

deeds are not such that can make me the companions of Your Prophets

so by the names which I have beseeched You, You make me turn

towards them, O my Lord, will You turn me unsuccessful whereas You

are my hope and will You turn me back empty-handed? In fact You are

my initial hope. O He Who is present and famous for Generosity, the

affairs of entire creation will ultimately return to You. Bless Muhammad

(s.a.w.a.) and his progeny and oblige me by taking me into their service

whose refuge is in Your neighbourhood, brothers, sisters, and include

me among those whom Your mercy covers. Your signs are reserved for

them, and Your favours are exclusively for them, You have created them

pure, doers of good, pious and great. Make me reach Your prophet

Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) Mustafa peace be on him and his progeny

because he is on a station which is very nearer to You and O the

Beneficent and the Merciful forgive me and the believers and their

parents and their brothers and sisters.

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