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Another of his Supplication (Munajat)

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Here I am! Here I am! You are the Master!

Have mercy on this helpless creature whose

refuge is Your realm.

O the Owner of heights I have faith in You.

Blesses is the one whose Master You are.

Fortunate is the one who is himself repentant

and who keeps awake at night.

And mentions his afflictions to the Lord of

Majesty and Honor.

He neither has a sickness nor a disease.

One who has collected the treasure of his


When he prays with fervour in loneliness in the

dark nights.

Allah accepts his supplications and says

Labbaik. (Here I am).

One of his Dua in Nahjul Balagha

O’ my Allah! You are the most attached to Your lovers and the

most ready to assist those who trust in You. You see them in

their concealments, know whatever is in their consciences, and

are aware of the extent of their intelligence. Consequently, their

secrets are open to You and their hearts are eager for You. If

loneliness bores them, Your remembrance gives them solace. If

distresses befall them, they beseech Your protection, because

they know that the reins of affairs are in Your hands, and that their

movements depend upon Your commands.

O’ my Allah! If I am unable to express my request or cannot see

my needs, then guide me towards my betterment and take my

betterment and take my heart towards the correct goal. This is not

against (the mode of) Your guidance nor anything new against

Your ways of support.

O’ my Allah! Deal with me through Your forgiveness and do not

deal with me according to Your justice.