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His supplication for the honoured month of


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O Allah bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his progeny, heed my call

whenever I beseech You and be attentive whenever I eulogize You as I

have rushed towards You and have presented myself in Your Presence.

I am helpless in front of You; I am a complainant in Your court. Present

me the rewards, which You have reserved for me and You are well

aware of my inner thoughts. You are aware of my needs. You know

about the affairs of my heart and nothing is hidden from You, and

whatever I wish to say and the thing which I intend to speak (You are

fully aware of) You have decreed my destiny. O my Master, You are

aware of all the actions, which I will be performing till my last day. Either

openly or secretly, no one has any power of it except You. Either it is in

excess or in less measure, either in profit or in loss. My Lord if You deny

me who is there to sustain me, and if You make me unsuccessful then

who is there to support me? My Lord I seek refuge from You in the

descent of Your wrath and chastisement. O Allah! Although I am not

eligible for Your Mercy You can still shower Your grace on me. O Allah!

Wholeheartedly I have presented myself in Your presence which is

under the shade of Your forgiveness. O Allah! If You pardon me is there

anyone preferable to you? Even if my death has approached, and my

deeds have not made me reach Your Presence, thus I have made my

acceptance of sins a means of intercession. My Lord! While taking care

of my soul I have done injustice on it, and if You do not forgive it would

be destroyed. O Allah! Your obligation on me was for the whole life, do

not discontinue it after death. Why should I lose hope of it when during

my lifetime You have done nothing but goodness with me? My Lord! Be

compassionate in my transactions and oblige this sinner who is covered

by his ignorance. My Lord You have covered my sins in this world and I

require this covering in the hereafter. O Allah You have obliged me by

covering my sins from Your pious people and so do not degrade me on

the Day of Judgment in front of Your creation. O Allah Your grace has

expanded my hopes and Your forgiveness is greater than my deeds. O

Allah the day on which You take account of the creatures, put me among

good people by Your grace. My Lord! My excuse is like the excuse of a

person who does not have any hope of his excuse being accepted. O

the Generous of all the generous to Whom all go taking excuses. O

Allah! Do not turn down my requests, do not overlook my desires and do

not cut down my hopes. O Allah! If You had been unaware of my desires

You would have never guided me and if You had decided to degrade

me, You would have never saved me. My Lord! I don't feel that You will

not accept this supplication for which I have ended up my life. O Allah!

Praise is for You always and forever which ever increases and never

lessens in the manner You approve of it. O Allah! If You have decided to

punish me for my crimes I will not leave You for Your forgiveness and if

You have apprehended me for my sins I will not leave You for Your

Mercy and if You send me to Hell I will inform the inhabitants of Hell that

I loved You. If due to my worship my deeds are low, yet my hopes are

high due to hopefulness in You. O my Lord! How can I go hopeless and

dejected from Your presence when I was hopeful of Your Generosity

that I would return pardoned. O Allah I spent the whole life and my youth

forgetting Your presence and being away from You. O Allah! I was

arrogant for Your forgiveness and not being aware of treading the path

of Your wrath. My Lord! I am Your slave and son of Your slave, present

before You and have made Your grace an intercessor before You. My

Lord! I am Your slave who has repented for all the sins which he has

committed in Your presence after being careless of Your warnings. And I

seek forgiveness from You because forgiveness is one of Your

characteristics. My Lord! I lack the strength that I follow the same way

and save myself from Your wrath, but this happened when Your love

made me aware and so I have become as You wished me to be. Now I

thank You for entering the door of Your grace and my heart has become

pure from the stains of carelessness about You. My Lord, look at me as

You look up at those who call upon You, and he whom You have

ordered a thing and he has obeyed. O One Who is never away from His

servants and O the generous one Who is never miserly in rewarding the

good doers. O Allah grant me a heart that brings me nearer to You and a

tongue whose truthfulness raises my head in Your presence, and eyes

whose sight makes me nearer to You. My Creator! He is not a stranger

who has got fame due to You. And who is under Your shelter is never

abandoned as upon whom You have put Your generous look he is

nobody's slave. O Allah one who is nearer to You is alive at heart and

one who is attached to You finds refuge and I have also asked for

protection in Your presence. O Allah, my Lord and Master! Do not

disappoint the one who has hopes in You and don't drive him away from

Your favours. O Allah! Accord me a status which You bestowed upon

Your beloved servants. O Allah! Inculcate in me Your love after every

remembrance. By Your name, forgive me and make me near the purified

ones. My Lord by Your grace it is Your might that You made me reach to

the position of Your obedient and pleasing servants, because I don't

have the power to uplift my soul. O Lord I am a dependant slave in Your

kingdom. I am a repentant and seeking forgiveness. Do not include me

among those groups from whom You have turned away and their

carelessness has stopped Your forgiveness. O Allah grant me the grace

to cut off relations with this world and make me Yours. Grant my heart

the light which inclines towards You so much that it reaches to

understand Your greatness, and our soul is directed towards You. My

Lord put me among those people who have accepted Your message.

You have seen them and seeing Your Honour they have lost control of

their selves. You have whispered to them and they have performed

difficult deeds for You. O Allah! Do not prevail helplessness on my good

hopes, and do not cut off my hopes by Your mercy. My Lord if my errors

have put me down in Your presence, You overlook it, as I have great

trust in You. Although my sins have not made me capable of Your

excellent grace, but Your attention has made me bow down. My Lord! If

my carelessness has made me negligent of Your meeting then

recognizing Your bounties has made me alert. O Allah if Your great

chastisement calls me towards Hell Your great rewards invite me

towards Paradise. O Allah I ask from You have and hope from You. I

have a request, bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his progeny, and

include me among those who remember You. Who are never unmindful

of thanking You, who never take Your commands for granted. O Allah

grant me such a light by which I can gain Your recognition and obey

You, be afraid of You, think only of You, O the possessor of Honour and

Might! O Allah! Send blessings on Your Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.a.)

and his progeny and grant them abundant peace.

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