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His Dua at the time of severe difficulties

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O Allah! O the one to degrade every insolent tyrant! O the one to honour

the believers! You are my refuge when the paths tire me. My Lord You

have created me and have obliged me although You were needless of

my existence. And if Your Mercy had not been there I would have

perished. You have sent protection against the enemies and without

Your help I would have been in errors. O the one to send mercy from the

mines of Mercy. O the one to create blessings from the treasures of

blessings. O He, Who has made Honour exclusively for Himself, then

honoured His chosen ones, in front of Whom the whole creation stands

eyes cast down and heads bowed down. I have hopes from that Great

Lord. My Lord! I ask You by Your position which You have exhibited by

Your greatness and I ask You by Your Honour by which You are on

Your throne and have created the entire universe. Now the whole

creation is in Your presence heads bowed down send blessing on

Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his progeny (seek Your desires after it).

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