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Another Elegy of Imam Ali (a.s.)

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O the one Who hears the supplication!

O the one Who has raised the heavens!

O the one Who is ever living!

O the one to bestow great bounties on the one

who is dependent and needy.

O the knower of the unseen!

O the Concealer of the unseen!

O the forgiver of sins!

O the averter of difficulties from the one who is

sorrowful and unhappy!

O the possessor of signs!

O the one to make vegetation grow!

O the one to gather the scattered ones!

O the one to give life to the rotten bones!

O the one Who from black and lightening clouds

sends water and smoke to the earth.

O the creator of skies together with the might,

which is illuminated by the shining of stars.

O the one Who opens the door to success!

O the one Who day and night blows the air

which brings the clouds!

O the one Who by the distinguished qualities

gathers the strength high and huge mountains

are set in the hard earth.

And O the leader of guidance and O the one to

inspire the mighty!

O the one Who sustains the creatures O the

one to enliven the inhabitants and the one to

dispel the sorrows.

And He in Whom I seek asylum and refuge,

Whose order prevails and I don't have courage

to run away from him, Who is great, most high

and gentle.

O the one to free the prisoners and O the one to

mend the broken hearts.

O the one Who makes the indigent,


O the one Who sustains the children and the

one Who cures the sick.

O the one from Whom strength is sought, O the

one through Whom dishonour and disgrace,

calamities and misfortunes are averted. Protect

me from sorrow and discomfort.

Protect me from men and jinns who make me

forget the Day of Judgment, which pains the

heart, and which diverts the soul from the

stoned Shaitan.

And O the one Who sustains the creatures

which comprises of men, animals and young

ones of birds they are also sustained and


He is the possessor of pure knowledge.

O the owner of the destines whether obedient or

disobedient, no person is away from You

whether he is dead or alive.

O the best of the compensators and the one to

give happiness on faith and the one to enforce

Your laws, You are generous, wise.

O He Who has fully covered us, ward off

calamities from us. Whose kingdom is vast and

Who judges between good and evil deeds


O the one Who is aware of the actions.

O He Who hears the words, O He Who appoints

the destiny from the protected and familiar


O one Who hears, Whose creation i s

unparalleled, Whose throne is raised, Who is

protected from every tyrant and oppressor.

O the One Who gives asked, and whatever He

gave, gave nicely.

When He took care it was extremely high, Who

made everything clean and pure by the great


O the refuge of the weak, O the redness of the


O the subtle. You are great and high You are

generous and merciful on us, aware and kind to


O He Who judges between the people with

truth, and the judgment is enforced on

everything in the universe, after which it is not

beneficial to save ourselves from death and


Our Lord! You see us and we cannot see You.

There is no lord other than You, so guide us

towards You and don't set Your chastisement

on us only by Your protected Grace.

O the possessor of magnanimity. O the

possessor of Honour.

O the possessor of actions and the initiator.

Your kingdom is High.

O Lord, save me from Hell and from the great

fear and from its life and death and from its

eternal sorrow, from its hot water and make me

a companion of Quran, a resident of Heaven,

and husband of Houries.

Grant me refuge in the Heavens, those bounties

and pleasures in which there is no vulgarity, nor

any sorrow, nor lamentation, neither sickness

nor fatigue.

That pure abode where there wil l be no

hardship, which will be a pleasure for the

residents, and good news for the inhabitants

and a place of honour and repute. That high

place where beauty continues, which is

illuminated by bounties, a place of honour for

the generous.

That place where the carpet is spread, excellent

dresses, superb delicacies and cool refreshing


O the one Who is above my every praise. I

plead You to bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and

the progeny of Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and

whatever I have sought from You, don't turn

down anything but with Your grace increase the


O Lord You have power over everything.

O He Who is more kind than anyone.

By Your mercy send blessings on our Prophet

Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and His progeny.

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