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An elegy (Munajat)

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O the possessor of munificence You give

whatever You wish and hold back whatever You


My Lord! My Creator! My Refuge in difficulties

or ease. I seek only from You.

My Lord! If my sins are great and numerous,

You are Greater and Your forgiveness is more

great and familiar.

My Lord! Even if You fulfill the desires of my

heart I would still be shameful in the garden of


My Lord You are witnessing my indigence and

poverty and You are listening to my whispering


My Lord do not decline my hopes and do not

render my heart useless because Your

generosity is my only hope.

My Lord! If I am unsuccessful or driven out, then

from whom can I hope and to whom can I plead?

My Lord! Save me from Your wrath, as I am

prisoner (of my sins). Helpless, fearful and I

have bowed down before You.

My Lord! Show Your proofs and sympathise

with me, in my grave when I am in a terrible


My Lord! Even if You punish me for a thousand

years my hopes from You would remain intact.

My Lord! Bestow on me the taste of forgiveness

on that day, when neither children nor wealth

will be beneficial.

My Lord! If You desert me I will be rendered

useless and if You considered me then I will not

lose anything.

My Lord! You don't oblige anyone except with

goodness. Then who will be the hope of those

wretched people who live on this hope?

My Lord! If I have been careless in acquiring


I am still in pursuit of seeking forgiveness and


My Lord! If I have sinned and that was

ignorance, I have still pinned so many hopes on

You that people have concluded that I do not

fear You.

My Lord! My sins are like mountains, hard and

great, but Your forgiveness is greater.

My Lord! Remembrance of Your favours

extinguishes the fi re of my hear t, and

remembrance of my sins make me cry.

My Lord! Forgive my laziness and erase my sins

because I confess, I fear and I express my


My Lord! Grant me peace and tranquility, as

except for Your favours I have not knocked

anybody's door.

My Lord! If You disgrace me who will be my

hope and what shall I do?

My Lord! The love-stricken are awake at night,

they whisper and supplicate whereas the

negligent are asleep.

My Lord! From the inhabitants of this world

some are asleep, some are awake and complain

and all are seeking Your favours, expecting

Your great mercy and desiring Your Heaven.

My Lord! My hopes are making me hopeless.

My Lord! If You forgive me then Your

forgiveness will take me to salvation, as I have

already committed sins which can destroy me.

My Lord! For the sake of Muhammad the

Hashimite (peace be upon him and his progeny)

and by the names of the doers of good who

plead in Your presence.

My Lord! For the sake of Mustafa (s.a.w.a.) and

the son of his uncle and by their pure progeny,

who has lowered his neck in Your presence.

My Lord! Make me die on Your religion; I am a

suppliant, fearful, worshipper and an obedient

one in Your court.

My Lord and my Master! Do not make me

unsuccessful from the great intercession of

Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) because he will be the

only intercessor who can intercede till the time a

caller calls You. Bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.)

and his progeny till the time the worshipper

supplicates in Your presence.

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