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Sara LXXIX.: Nāzi’āt, or Those Who Tear Out. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sara LXXIX.: Nāzi’āt, or Those Who Tear Out.

Section 2

27. Aantum ashaddu khalqan ami alssamao banaha

27. What! Are ye the more
Difficult to create
Or the heaven (above)?
(God) hath constructed it:

28. RafaAAa samkaha fasawwaha

28. On high hath He raised
Its canopy, and He hath
Given it order and perfection.

29. Waaghtasha laylaha waakhraja duhaha

29. Its night doth He
Endow with darkness,
And its splendour doth He
Bring out (with light).

30. Waal-arda baAAda thalika dahaha

30. And the earth, moreover,
Hath He extended
(To a wide expanse);

31. Akhraja minha maaha wamarAAaha

31. He draweth out
Therefrom its moisture
And its pasture;

32. Waaljibala arsaha

32. And the mountains
Hath He firmly fixed;

33. MataAAan lakum wali-anAAamikum

33. For use and convenience
To you and your cattle.

34. Fa-itha jaati alttammatu alkubra

34. Therefore, when there comes
The great, overwhelming (Event),—

35. Yawma yatathakkaru al-insanu ma saAAa

35. The Day when Man
Shall remember (all)
That he strove for,

36. Waburrizati aljaheemu liman yara

36. And Hell-Fire shall be
Placed in full view
For (all) to see,—

37. Faamma man tagha

37. Then, for such as had
Transgressed all bounds,

38. Waathara alhayata alddunya

38. And had preferred
The life of this world,

39. Fa-inna aljaheema hiya alma/wa

39. The Abode will be

40. Waama man khafa maqama rabbihi wanaha alnnafsa AAani alhawa

40. And for such as had
Entertained the fear
Of standing before
Their Lord's (tribunal)
And had restrained
(Their) soul from lower Desires,

41. Fa-inna aljannata hiya alma/wa

41. Their Abode will be
The Garden.

42. Yas-aloonaka AAani alssaAAati ayyana mursaha

42. They ask thee
About the Hour,—"When
Will be its appointed time?"

43. Feema anta min thikraha

43. Wherein art thou (concerned)
With the declaration thereof?

44. Ila rabbika muntahaha

44. With thy Lord is
The Limit fixed therefor.

45. Innama anta munthiru man yakhshaha

45. Thou art but a Warner
For such as fear it.

46. Kaannahum yawma yarawnaha lam yalbathoo illa AAashiyyatan aw duhaha

46. The Day they see it,
(It will be) as if they
Had tarried but a single
Evening, or (at most till)
The following morn!

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