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Sūra LXXX.: ’Abasa, or He Frowned. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra LXXX.: ’Abasa, or He Frowned.

Section 1

1. AAabasa watawalla

1. (The Prophet) frowned
And turned away,

2. An jaahu al-aAAma

2. Because there came to him
The blind man (interrupting).

3. Wama yudreeka laAAallahu yazzakka

3. But what could tell thee
But that perchance he might
Grow (in spiritual understanding)?—

4. Aw yaththakkaru fatanfaAAahu alththikra

4. Or that he might receive
Admonition, and the teaching
Might profit him?

5. Amma mani istaghna

5. As to one who regards
Himself as self-sufficient,

6. Faanta lahu tasadda

6. To him dost thou attend;

7. Wama AAalayka alla yazzakka

7. Though it is no blame
To thee if he grow not
(In spiritual understanding).

8. Waamma man jaaka yasAAa

8. But as to him who came
To thee striving earnestly,

9. Wahuwa yakhsha

9. And with fear
(In his heart),

10. Faanta AAanhu talahha

10. Of him wast thou unmindful.

11. Kalla innaha tathkiratun

11. By no means
(Should it be so)!
For it is indeed
A Message of instruction:

12. Faman shaa thakarahu

12. Therefore let whoso will,
Keep it in remembrance.

13. Fee suhufin mukarramatin

13. (It is) in Books
Held (greatly) in honour,

14. MarfooAAatin mutahharatin

14. Exalted (in dignity),
Kept pure and holy,

15. Bi-aydee safaratin

15. (Written) by the hands
Of scribes—

16. Kiramin bararatin

16. Honourable and
Pious and Just.

17. Qutila al-insanu ma akfarahu

17. Woe to man!
What hath made him
Reject God:

18. Min ayyi shay-in khalaqahu

18. From what stuff
Hath He created him?

19. Min nutfatin khalaqahu faqaddarahu

19. From a sperm-drop:
He hath created him, and then
Mouldeth him in due proportions;

20. Thumma alssabeela yassarahu

20. Then doth He make
His path smooth for him;

21. Thumma amatahu faaqbarahu

21. Then He causeth him to die,
And putteth him in his Grave;

22. Thumma itha shaa ansharahu

22. Then, when it is
His Will, He will
Raise him up (again).

23. Kalla lamma yaqdi ma amarahu

23. By no means hath he
Fulfilled what God
Hath commanded him.

24. Falyanthuri al-insanu ila taAAamihi

24. Then let man look
At his Food,
(And how We provide it):

25. Anna sababna almaa sabban

25. For that We pour forth
Water in abundance,

26. Thumma shaqaqna al-arda shaqqan

26. And We split the earth
In fragments,

27. Faanbatna feeha habban

27. And produce therein Corn,

28. WaAAinaban waqadban

28. And Grapes and nutritious Plants,

29. Wazaytoonan wanakhlan

29. And Olives and Dates,

30. Wahada-iqa ghulban

30. And enclosed Gardens,
Dense with lofty trees,

31. Wafakihatan waabban

31. And Fruits and Fodder,—

32. MataAAan lakum wali-anAAamikum

32. For use and convenience
To you and your cattle.

33. Fa-itha jaati alssakhkhatu

33. At length, when there
Comes the Deafening Noise,—

34. Yawma yafirru almaro min akheehi

34. That Day shall a man
Flee from his own brother,

35. Waommihi waabeehi

35. And from his mother
And his father,

36. Wasahibatihi wabaneehi

36. And from his wife
And his children.

37. Likulli imri-in minhum yawma-ithin sha/nun yughneehi

37. Each one of them,
That Day, will have
Enough concern (of his own)
To make him indifferent
To the others,

38. Wujoohun yawma-ithin musfiratun

38. Some Faces that Day
Will be beaming,

39. Dahikatun mustabshiratun

39. Laughing, rejoicing.

40. Wawujoohun yawma-ithin AAalayha ghabaratun

40. And other faces that Day
Will be dust-stained;

41. Tarhaquha qataratun

41. Blackness will cover them:

42. Ola-ika humu alkafaratu alfajaratu

42. Such will be
The Rejecters of God,
The Doers of Iniquity.

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