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Sara LXXIX.: Nāzi’āt, or Those Who Tear Out. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sara LXXIX.: Nāzi’āt, or Those Who Tear Out.

Section 1

1. WaalnnaziAAati gharqan

1. By the (angels)
Who tear out
(The souls of the wicked)
With violence;

2. Waalnnashitati nashtan

2. By those who gently
Draw out (the souls
Of the blessed);

3. Waalssabihati sabhan

3. And by those who glide
Along (on errands of mercy),

4. Faalssabiqati sabqan

4. Then press forward
As in a race,

5. Faalmudabbirati amran

5. Then arrange to do
(The Commands of their Lord),—

6. Yawma tarjufu alrrajifatu

6. One Day everything that
Can be in commotion will
Be in violent commotion,

7. TatbaAAuha alrradifatu

7. Followed by oft-repeated

8. Quloobun yawma-ithin wajifatun

8. Hearts that Day
Will be in agitation;

9. Absaruha khashiAAatun

9. Cast down will be
(Their owners’) eyes.

10. Yaqooloona a-inna lamardoodoona fee alhafirati

10. They say (now): "What!
Shall we indeed be
Returned to (our) former state?—

11. A-itha kunna AAithaman nakhiratan

11. "What!—when we shall
Have become rotten bones?"

12. Qaloo tilka ithan karratun khasiratun

12. They say: "It would
In that case, be
A return with loss!"

13. Fa-innama hiya zajratun wahidatun

13. But verily, it will
Be but a single
(Compelling) Cry,

14. Fa-itha hum bialssahirati

14. When, behold, they
Will be in the (full)
Awakening (to Judgment).

15. Hal ataka hadeethu moosa

15. Has the story
Of Moses reached thee?

16. Ith nadahu rabbuhu bialwadi almuqaddasi tuwan

16. Behold, thy Lord did call
To him in the sacred valley
Of Ṭuwā:—

17. Ithhab ila firAAawna innahu tagha

17. "Go thou to Pharaoh,
For he has indeed
Transgressed all bounds:

18. Faqul hal laka ila an tazakka

18. "And say to him,
"Wouldst thou that thou
Shouldst he purified
(From sin)?—

19. Waahdiyaka ila rabbika fatakhsha

19. "And that I guide thee
To thy Lord, so thou
Shouldst fear Him?"

20. Faarahu al-ayata alkubra

20. Then did (Moses) show him
The Great Sign.

21. Fakaththaba waAAasa

21. But (Pharaoh) rejected it
And disobeyed (guidance);

22. Thumma adbara yasAAa

22. Further, he turned his back,
Striving hard (against God).

23. Fahashara fanada

23. Then he collected (his men)
And made a proclamation,

24. Faqala ana rabbukumu al-aAAla

24. Saying, "I am your Lord,
Most High".

25. Faakhathahu Allahu nakala al-akhirati waal-oola

25. But God did punish him,
(And made an) example
Of him,—in the Hereafter,
As in this life.

26. Inna fee thalika laAAibratan liman yakhsha

26. Verily in this is
An instructive warning
For whosoever feareth (God).

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