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Sūra LXXVII.: Mursalāt, or Those Sent Forth. Index
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Sūra LXXVII.: Mursalāt, or Those Sent Forth.

Section 1

1. Waalmursalati AAurfan

1. By the (Winds) Sent Forth
One after another
(To man's profit);

2. FaalAAasifati AAasfan

2. Which then blow violently
In tempestuous Gusts,

3. Waalnnashirati nashran

3. And scatter (things)
Far and wide;

4. Faalfariqati farqan

4. Then separate them,
One from another,

5. Faalmulqiyati thikran

5. Then spread abroad
A Message,

6. AAuthran aw nuthran

6. Whether of Justification
Or of Warning;—

7. Innama tooAAadoona lawaqiAAun

7. Assuredly, what ye are
Promised must come to pass.

8. Fa-itha alnnujoomu tumisat

8. Then when the stars
Become dim;

9. Wa-itha alssamao furijat

9. When the heaven
Is cleft asunder;

10. Wa-itha aljibalu nusifat

10. When the mountains are
Scattered (to the winds) as dust;

11. Wa-itha alrrusulu oqqitat

11. And when the apostles
Are (all) appointed a time
(To collect);—

12. Li-ayyi yawmin ojjilat

12. For what Day are these
(Portents) deferred?

13. Liyawmi alfasli

13. For the Day of Sorting out.

14. Wama adraka ma yawmu alfasli

14. And what will explain
To thee what is
The Day of Sorting out?

15. Waylun yawma-ithin lilmukaththibeena

15. Ah woe, that Day,
To the Rejecters of Truth!

16. Alam nuhliki al-awwaleena

16. Did We not destroy
The men of old
(For their evil)?

17. Thumma nutbiAAuhumu al-akhireena

17. So shall We make
Later (generations)
Follow them.

18. Kathalika nafAAalu bialmujrimeena

18. Thus do We deal
With men of sin.

19. Waylun yawma-ithin lilmukaththibeena

19. Ah woe, that Day,
To the Rejecters of Truth!

20. Alam nakhluqkum min ma-in maheenin

20. Have We not created
You from a fluid
(Held) despicable?—

21. FajaAAalnahu fee qararin makeenin

21. The which We placed
In a place of rest,
Firmly fixed,

22. Ila qadarin maAAloomin

22. For a period (of gestation),
Determined (according to need)?

23. Faqadarna faniAAma alqadiroona

23. For We do determine
(According to need); for We
Are the Best to determine (things).

24. Waylun yawma-ithin lilmukaththibeena

24. Ah woe, that Day!
To the Rejecters of Truth!

25. Alam najAAali al-arda kifatan

25. Have We not made
The earth (as a place)
To draw together

26. Ahyaan waamwatan

26. The living and the dead,

27. WajaAAalna feeha rawasiya shamikhatin waasqaynakum maan furatan

27. And made therein
Mountains standing firm,
Lofty (in stature);
And provided for you
Water sweet (and wholesome)?

28. Waylun yawma-ithin lilmukaththibeena

28. Ah woe, that Day,
To the Rejecters of Truth!

29. Intaliqoo ila ma kuntum bihi tukaththiboona

29. (It will be said:)
"Depart ye to that
Which ye used to reject
As false!

30. Intaliqoo ila thillin thee thalathi shuAAabin

30. "Depart ye to a Shadow
(Of smoke ascending)
In three columns,

31. La thaleelin wala yughnee mina allahabi

31. "(Which yields) no shade
Of coolness, and is
Of no use against
The fierce Blaze.

32. Innaha tarmee bishararin kaalqasri

32. "Indeed it throws about
Sparks (huge) as Forts,

33. Kaannahu jimalatun sufrun

33. "As if there were
(A string of) yellow camels
(Marching swiftly).

34. Waylun yawma-ithin lilmukaththibeena

34. Ah woe, that Day,
To the Rejecters of Truth!

35. Hatha yawmu la yantiqoona

35. That will be a Day
When they shall not
Be able to speak,

36. Wala yu/thanu lahum fayaAAtathiroona

36. Nor will it be
Open to them
To put forth pleas.

37. Waylun yawma-ithin lilmukaththibeena

37. Ah woe, that Day,
To the Rejecters of Truth!

38. Hatha yawmu alfasli jamaAAnakum waal-awwaleena

38. That will be a Day
Of Sorting out! We shall
Gather you together
And those before (you)!

39. Fa-in kana lakum kaydun fakeedooni

39. Now, if ye have
A trick (or plot),
Use it against Me!

40. Waylun yawma-ithin lilmukaththibeena

40. Ah woe, that Day,
To the Rejecters of Truth!

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