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Sura LXXVI.: Dahr, or Time, or Insān, or Man. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sura LXXVI.: Dahr, or Time, or Insān, or Man.

Section 2

23. Inna nahnu nazzalna AAalayka alqur-ana tanzeelan

23. It is We Who
Have sent down the Qur-ān
To thee by stages.

24. Faisbir lihukmi rabbika wala tutiAA minhum athiman aw kafooran

24. Therefore be patient
With constancy to the Command
Of thy Lord, and hearken not
To the sinner or the ingrate
Among them.

25. Waothkuri isma rabbika bukratan waaseelan

25. And celebrate the name
Of thy Lord morning
And evening,

26. Wamina allayli faosjud lahu wasabbihhu laylan taweelan

26. And part of the night,
Prostrate thyself to Him;
And glorify Him
A long night through.

27. Inna haola-i yuhibboona alAAajilata wayatharoona waraahum yawman thaqeelan

27. As to these, they love
The fleeting life,
And put away behind them
A Day (that will be) hard.

28. Nahnu khalaqnahum washadadna asrahum wa-itha shi/na baddalna amthalahum tabdeelan

28. It is We Who created
Them, and We have made
Their joints strong;
But, when We will,
We can substitute
The like of them
By a complete change.

29. Inna hathihi tathkiratun faman shaa ittakhatha ila rabbihi sabeelan

29. This is an admonition:
Whosoever will, let him
Take a (straight) Path
To his Lord.

30. Wama tashaoona illa an yashaa Allahu inna Allaha kana AAaleeman hakeeman

30. But ye will not,
Except as God wills;
For God is full of
Knowledge and Wisdom.

31. Yudkhilu man yashao fee rahmatihi waalththalimeena aAAadda lahum AAathaban aleeman

31. He will admit
To His Mercy Whom He will;
But the wrong-doers,—
For them has He prepared
A grievous Penalty.

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