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Sūra LXXIII.: Muzzammil, or Folded in Garments. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra LXXIII.: Muzzammil, or Folded in Garments.

Section 1

1. Ya ayyuha almuzzammilu

1. O thou folded
In garments!

2. Qumi allayla illa qaleelan

2. Stand (to prayer) by night,
But not all night,—

3. Nisfahu awi onqus minhu qaleelan

3. Half of it,—
Or a little less,

4. Aw zid AAalayhi warattili alqur-ana tarteelan

4. Or a little more;
And recite the Qur-ān
In slow, measured rhythmic tones.

5. Inna sanulqee AAalayka qawlan thaqeelan

5. Soon shall We send down
To thee a weighty Message.

6. Inna nashi-ata allayli hiya ashaddu wat-an waaqwamu qeelan

6. Truly the rising by night
Is most potent for governing
(The soul), and most suitable
For (framing) the Word
(Of Prayer and Praise).

7. Inna laka fee alnnahari sabhan taweelan

7. True, there is for thee
By day prolonged occupation
With ordinary duties:

8. Waothkuri isma rabbika watabattal ilayhi tabteelan

8. But keep in remembrance
The name of thy Lord
And devote thyself
To Him whole-heartedly.

9. Rabbu almashriqi waalmaghribi la ilaha illa huwa faittakhithhu wakeelan

9. (He is) Lord of the East
And the West: there is
No god but He:
Take Him therefore
For (thy) Disposer of Affairs.

10. Waisbir AAala ma yaqooloona waohjurhum hajran jameelan

10. And have patience with what
They say, and leave them
With noble (dignity).

11. Watharnee waalmukaththibeena olee alnnaAAmati wamahhilhum qaleelan

11. And leave Me
(Alone to deal with)
Those in possession of
The good things of life,
Who (yet) deny the Truth;
And bear with them
For a little while.

12. Inna ladayna ankalan wajaheeman

12. With Us are Fetters
(To bind them), and a Fire
(To burn them),

13. WataAAaman tha ghussatin waAAathaban aleeman

13. And a Food that chokes,
And a Penalty Grievous.

14. Yawma tarjufu al-ardu waaljibalu wakanati aljibalu katheeban maheelan

14. One Day the earth
And the mountains
Will be in violent commotion.
And the mountains will be
As a heap of sand
Poured out and flowing down.

15. Inna arsalna ilaykum rasoolan shahidan AAalaykum kama arsalna ila firAAawna rasoolan

15. We have sent to you,
(O men!) an apostle,
To be a witness concerning you,
Even as We sent
An apostle to Pharaoh.

16. FaAAasa firAAawnu alrrasoola faakhathnahu akhthan wabeelan

16. But Pharaoh disobeyed
The apostle; so We
Seized him with
A heavy Punishment.

17. Fakayfa tattaqoona in kafartum yawman yajAAalu alwildana sheeban

17. Then how shall ye,
If ye deny (God),
Guard yourselves against
A Day that will make
Children hoary-headed?—

18. Alssamao munfatirun bihi kana waAAduhu mafAAoolan

18. Whereon the sky will be
Cleft asunder?
His Promise needs must
Be accomplished.

19. Inna hathihi tathkiratun faman shaa ittakhatha ila rabbihi sabeelan

19. Verily this is an Admonition:
Therefore, whoso will, let him
Take a (straight) path
To his Lord!

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