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Sūra LXXII.: Jinn, or the Spirits. Index
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Sūra LXXII.: Jinn, or the Spirits.

Section 2

20. Qul innama adAAoo rabbee wala oshriku bihi ahadan

20. Say: "I do
No more than invoke
My Lord, and I join not
With Him any (false god)."

21. Qul innee la amliku lakum darran wala rashadan

21. Say: "It is not
In my power to cause
You harm, or to bring
You to right conduct."

22. Qul innee lan yujeeranee mina Allahi ahadun walan ajida min doonihi multahadan

22. Say: "No one can
Deliver me from God
(If I were to disobey Him),
Nor should I find refuge
Except in Him,

23. Illa balaghan mina Allahi warisalatihi waman yaAAsi Allaha warasoolahu fa-inna lahu nara jahannama khalideena feeha abadan

23. "Unless I proclaim what
I receive from God
And His Messages:
For any that disobey God
And His Apostle,—for them
Is Hell: they shall dwell
Therein for ever."

24. Hatta itha raaw ma yooAAadoona fasayaAAlamoona man adAAafu nasiran waaqallu AAadadan

24. At length, when they
See (with their own eyes)
That which they are promised,—
Then will they know
Who it is that is
Weakest in (his) helper
And least important
In point of numbers.

25. Qul in adree aqareebun ma tooAAadoona am yajAAalu lahu rabbee amadan

25. Say: "I know not whether
The (Punishment) which ye
Are promised is near,
Or whether my Lord
Will appoint for it
A distant term.

26. AAalimu alghaybi fala yuthhiru AAala ghaybihi ahadan

26. "He (alone) knows the Unseen,
Nor does He make any one
Acquainted with his Mysteries,—

27. Illa mani irtada min rasoolin fa-innahu yasluku min bayni yadayhi wamin khalfihi rasadan

27. "Except an apostle
Whom He has chosen:
And then He makes
A band of watchers
March before him
And behind him,

28. LiyaAAlama an qad ablaghoo risalati rabbihim waahata bima ladayhim waahsa kulla shay-in AAadadan

28. "That he may know
That they have (truly)
Brought and delivered
The Messages of their Lord:
And He surrounds
(All the mysteries) that are
With them, and takes account
Of every single thing."

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