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MECCA.--28 Verses

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
SAY: It hath been revealed to me that a company of
DJINN 1 listened, and said,--"Verily, we have heard a marvellous discourse (Koran);
It guideth to the truth; wherefore we believed in it, and we will not henceforth join any being with our Lord;
And He,--may the majesty of our Lord be exalted!--hath taken no spouse neither hath he any offspring.
But the foolish among us hath spoken of God that which is unjust:
And we verily thought that no one amongst men or Djinn would have uttered a lie against God.
There are indeed people among men, who have sought for refuge unto people among Djinn: but they only increased their folly:
And they thought, as ye think, that God would not raise any from the dead.
And the Heavens did we essay, but found them filled with a mighty garrison, and with flaming darts;
And we sat on some of the seats to listen, but whoever listeneth findeth an ambush ready for him of flaming darts.
And truly we know not whether evil be meant for them that are on earth, or whether their Lord meaneth guidance for them.
And there are among us good, and others among us of another kind;--we are of various sorts:
And verily we thought that no one could weaken God on earth, neither could we escape from him by flight:
Wherefore as soon as we had heard 'the guidance' we believed in it; and whoever believeth in his Lord, need not fear either loss or wrong.
There are some among us who have resigned themselves to God (the Muslims); and there are others of us who have gone astray. And whoso resigneth himself to God pursueth the way of truth;
But they who go astray from it shall be fuel for Hell."
Moreover, if they (the Meccans) keep straight on in that way, we will surely give them to drink of abundant waters,
That we may prove them thereby: but whoso withdraweth from the remembrance of his Lord, him will He send into a severe torment.
It is unto God that the temples are set apart: call not then on any other therein with God.
When the servant of God stood up to call upon Him, the djinn almost jostled him by their crowds.
SAY: I call only upon my Lord, and I join no other being with Him.
SAY: No control have I over what may hurt or benefit you.
SAY: Verily none can protect me against God;
Neither shall I find any refuge beside Him.
My sole work is preaching from God, and His message: and for such as shall rebel against God and his apostle is the fire of Hell! they shall remain therein alway,--for ever!
Until they see their threatened vengeance they will be perverse! but then shall they know which side was the weakest in a protector and the fewest in number.
SAY: I know not whether that with which ye are threatened be nigh, or whether my Lord hath assigned it to a distant day: He knoweth the secret, nor doth He divulge his secret to any,
Except to that Apostle who pleaseth Him; and before him and behind him He maketh a guard to march:
That He may know if his Apostles have verily delivered the messages of their Lord: and He embraceth in his knowledge all their ways, and taketh count of all that concerneth them.


1 This interview with the Djinn took place at Nakhla, probably the "Wady Mohram" of Burckhardt, midway between Mecca and Ta‘ef, when Muhammad was driven from Mecca. A.D. 620.

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