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Sūra LXX.: Ma‘ārij, or the Ways of Ascent. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra LXX.: Ma‘ārij, or the Ways of Ascent.

Section 2

36. Famali allatheena kafaroo qibalaka muhtiAAeena

36. Now what is
The matter with the Unbelievers
That they rush madly
Before thee—

37. AAani alyameeni waAAani alshshimali AAizeena

37. From the right
And from the left,
In crowds?

38. AyatmaAAu kullu imri-in minhum an yudkhala jannata naAAeemin

38. Does every man of them
Long to enter
The Garden of Bliss?

39. Kalla inna khalaqnahum mimma yaAAlamoona

39. By no means!
For We have created them
Out of the (base matter)
They know!

40. Fala oqsimu birabbi almashariqi waalmagharibi inna laqadiroona

40. Now I do
Call to witness
The Lord of all points
In the East and the West
That We can certainly—

41. AAala an nubaddila khayran minhum wama nahnu bimasbooqeena

41. Substitute for them
Better (men) than they;
And We are not
To be defeated
(In Our Plan).

42. Fatharhum yakhoodoo wayalAAaboo hatta yulaqoo yawmahumu allathee yooAAadoona

42. So leave them
To plunge in vain talk
And play about,
Until they encounter
That Day of theirs which
They have been promised!—

43. Yawma yakhrujoona mina al-ajdathi siraAAan kaannahum ila nusubin yoofidoona

43. The Day whereon
They will issue
From their sepulchres
In sudden haste
As if they were
Rushing to a goal-post
(Fixed for them),—

44. KhashiAAatan absaruhum tarhaquhum thillatun thalika alyawmu allathee kanoo yooAAadoona

44. Their eyes lowered
In dejection,
Ignominy covering them
(All over)!
Such is the Day
The which they
Are promised!

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