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Sūra LXX.: Ma‘ārij, or the Ways of Ascent. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra LXX.: Ma‘ārij, or the Ways of Ascent.

Section 1

1. Saala sa-ilun biAAathabin waqiAAin

1. A questioner asked
About a Penalty
To befall—

2. Lilkafireena laysa lahu dafiAAun

2. The Unbelievers,
The which there is none
To ward off,—

3. Mina Allahi thee almaAAariji

3. (A Penalty) from God,
Lord of the Ways
Of Ascent.

4. TaAAruju almala-ikatu waalrroohu ilayhi fee yawmin kana miqdaruhu khamseena alfa sanatin

4. The angels and
The Spirit ascend
Unto Him in a Day
The measure whereof
Is (as) fifty thousand years:

5. Faisbir sabran jameelan

5. Therefore do thou hold
Patience,—a Patience
Of beautiful (contentment).

6. Innahum yarawnahu baAAeedan

6. They see the (Day) indeed
As a far-off (event):

7. Wanarahu qareeban

7. But We see it
(Quite) near.

8. Yawma takoonu alssamao kaalmuhli

8. The Day that
The sky will be like
Molten brass,

9. Watakoonu aljibalu kaalAAihni

9. And the mountains will be
Like wool,

10. Wala yas-alu hameemun hameeman

10. And no friend will ask
After a friend,

11. Yubassaroonahum yawaddu almujrimu law yaftadee min AAathabi yawmi-ithin bibaneehi

11. Though they will be put
In sight of each other,—
The sinner's desire will be:
Would that he could
Redeem himself from
The Penalty of that Day
By (sacrificing) his children,

12. Wasahibatihi waakheehi

12. His wife and his brother,

13. Wafaseelatihi allatee tu/weehi

13. His kindred who sheltered him,

14. Waman fee al-ardi jameeAAan thumma yunjeehi

14. And all, all that is
On earth,—so it could
Deliver him:

15. Kalla innaha latha

15. By no means!
For it would be
The Fire of Hell!—

16. NazzaAAatan lilshshawa

16. Plucking out (his being)
Right to the skull!—

17. TadAAoo man adbara watawalla

17. Inviting (all) such
As turn their backs
And turn away their faces
(From the Right),

18. WajamaAAa faawAAa

18. And collect (wealth)
And hide it (from use)!

19. Inna al-insana khuliqa halooAAan

19. Truly man was created
Very impatient;—

20. Itha massahu alshsharru jazooAAan

20. Fretful when evil
Touches him;

21. Wa-itha massahu alkhayru manooAAan

21. And niggardly when
Good reaches him;—

22. Illa almusalleena

22. Not so those devoted
To Prayer;—

23. Allatheena hum AAala salatihim da-imoona

23. Those who remain steadfast
To their prayer;

24. Waallatheena fee amwalihim haqqun maAAloomun

24. And those in whose wealth
Is a recognised right

25. Lilssa-ili waalmahroomi

25. For the (needy) who asks
And him who is prevented
(For some reason from asking);

26. Waallatheena yusaddiqoona biyawmi alddeeni

26. And those who hold
To the truth of the Day
Of Judgment;

27. Waallatheena hum min AAathabi rabbihim mushfiqoona

27. And those who fear
The displeasure of their Lord,—

28. Inna AAathaba rabbihim ghayru ma/moonin

28. For their Lord's displeasure
Is the opposite of Peace
And Tranquillity;—

29. Waallatheena hum lifuroojihim hafithoona

29. And those who guard
Their chastity,

30. Illa AAala azwajihim aw ma malakat aymanuhum fa-innahum ghayru maloomeena

30. Except with their wives
And the (captives) whom
Their right hands possess,—
For (then) they are not
To be blamed,

31. Famani ibtagha waraa thalika faola-ika humu alAAadoona

31. But those who trespass
Beyond this are transgressors;—

32. Waallatheena hum li-amanatihim waAAahdihim raAAoona

32. And those who respect
Their trusts and covenants;

33. Waallatheena hum bishahadatihim qa-imoona

33. And those who stand firm
In their testimonies;

34. Waallatheena hum AAala salatihim yuhafithoona

34. And those who guard
(The sacredness) of their

35. Ola-ika fee jannatin mukramoona

35. Such will be
The honoured ones
In the Gardens (of Bliss).

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