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Sūra LXIX.: Ḥāqqa, or the Sure Reality. Index
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Sūra LXIX.: Ḥāqqa, or the Sure Reality.

Section 2

38. Fala oqsimu bima tubsiroona

38. So I do
Call to witness
What ye see

39. Wama la tubsiroona

39. And what ye see not,

40. Innahu laqawlu rasoolin kareemin

40. That this is
Verily the word
Of an honoured apostle;

41. Wama huwa biqawli shaAAirin qaleelan ma tu/minoona

41. It is not the word
Of a poet:
Little it is
Ye believe!

42. Wala biqawli kahinin qaleelan ma tathakkaroona

42. Nor is it the word
Of a soothsayer:
Little admonition it is
Ye receive.

43. Tanzeelun min rabbi alAAalameena

43. (This is) a Message
Sent down from the Lord
Of the Worlds.

44. Walaw taqawwala AAalayna baAAda al-aqaweeli

44. And if the apostle
Were to invent
Any sayings in Our name,

45. Laakhathna minhu bialyameeni

45. We should certainly seize him
By his right hand,

46. Thumma laqataAAna minhu alwateena

46. And We should certainly
Then cut off the artery
Of his heart:

47. Fama minkum min ahadin AAanhu hajizeena

47. Nor could any of you
Withhold him
(From Our wrath).

48. Wa-innahu latathkiratun lilmuttaqeena

48. But verily this
Is a Message for
The God-fearing.

49. Wa-inna lanaAAlamu anna minkum mukaththibeena

49. And We certainly know
That there are amongst you
Those that reject (it).

50. Wa-innahu lahasratun AAala alkafireena

50. But truly (Revelation)
Is a cause of sorrow
For the Unbelievers.

51. Wa-innahu lahaqqu alyaqeeni

51. But verily it is Truth
Of assured certainty.

52. Fasabbih biismi rabbika alAAatheemi

52. So glorify the name
Of thy Lord Most High.

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