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Sūra LVI.: Wāqi‘a, or The Inevitable Event. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra LVI.: Wāqi‘a, or The Inevitable Event.

Section 1

1. Itha waqaAAati alwaqiAAatu

1. When the Event Inevitable
Cometh to pass,

2. Laysa liwaqAAatiha kathibatun

2. Then will no (soul)
Entertain falsehood
Concerning its coming.

3. Khafidatun rafiAAatun

3. (Many) will it bring low;
(Many) will it exalt;

4. Itha rujjati al-ardu rajjan

4. When the earth shall be
Shaken to its depths,

5. Wabussati aljibalu bassan

5. And the mountains shall
Be crumbled to atoms,

6. Fakanat habaan munbaththan

6. Becoming dust scattered abroad,

7. Wakuntum azwajan thalathatan

7. And ye shall be sorted out
Into three classes.

8. Faas-habu almaymanati ma as-habu almaymanati

8. Then (there will be)
The Companions of
The Right Hand;—
What will be
The Companions of
The Right Hand?

9. Waas-habu almash-amati ma as-habu almash-amati

9. And the Companions of
The Left Hand,—
What will be
The Companions of
The Left Hand?

10. Waalssabiqoona alssabiqoona

10. And those Foremost
(In Faith) will be
Foremost (in the Hereafter).

11. Ola-ika almuqarraboona

11. These will be
Those Nearest to God:

12. Fee jannati alnnaAAeemi

12. In Gardens of Bliss:

13. Thullatun mina al-awwaleena

13. A number of people
From those of old,

14. Waqaleelun mina al-akhireena

14. And a few from those
Of later times.

15. AAala sururin mawdoonatin

15. (They will be) on Thrones
Encrusted (with gold
And precious stones),

16. Muttaki-eena AAalayha mutaqabileena

16. Reclining on them,
Facing each other.

17. Yatoofu AAalayhim wildanun mukhalladoona

17. Round about them will (serve)
Youths of perpetual (freshness),

18. Bi-akwabin waabareeqa waka/sin min maAAeenin

18. With goblets, (shining) beakers,
And cups (filled) out of
Clear-flowing fountains:

19. La yusaddaAAoona AAanha wala yunzifoona

19. No after-ache will they
Receive therefrom, nor will they
Suffer intoxication:

20. Wafakihatin mimma yatakhayyaroona

20. And with fruits,
Any that they may select;

21. Walahmi tayrin mimma yashtahoona

21. And the flesh of fowls,
Any that they may desire.

22. Wahoorun AAeenun

22. And (there will be) Companions
With beautiful, big,
And lustrous eyes,—

23. Kaamthali allu/lui almaknooni

23. Like unto Pearls

24. Jazaan bima kanoo yaAAmaloona

24. A Reward for the Deeds
Of their past (Life).

25. La yasmaAAoona feeha laghwan wala ta/theeman

25. No frivolity will they
Hear therein, nor any
Taint of ill,—

26. Illa qeelan salaman salaman

26. Only the saying,
"Peace! Peace".

27. Waas-habu alyameeni ma as-habu alyameeni

27. The Companions of
The Right Hand,—
What will be
The Companions of
The Right Hand?

28. Fee sidrin makhdoodin

28. (They will be) among
Lote-trees without thorns,

29. Watalhin mandoodin

29. Among Ṭalḥ trees
With flowers (or fruits)
Piled one above another,—

30. Wathillin mamdoodin

30. In shade long-extended,

31. Wama-in maskoobin

31. By water flowing constantly,

32. Wafakihatin katheeratin

32. And fruit in abundance.

33. La maqtooAAatin wala mamnooAAatin

33. Whose season is not limited,
Nor (supply) forbidden,

34. Wafurushin marfooAAatin

34. And on Thrones (of Dignity),
Raised high.

35. Inna ansha/nahunna inshaan

35. We have created
(their Companions)
Of special creation.

36. FajaAAalnahunna abkaran

36. And made them
Virgin-pure (and undefiled),—

37. AAuruban atraban

37. Beloved (by nature),
Equal in age,—

38. Li-as-habi alyameeni

38. For the Companions
Of the Right Hand.

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