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Sūra LVI.: Wāqi‘a, or The Inevitable Event. Index
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Sūra LVI.: Wāqi‘a, or The Inevitable Event.

Section 2

39. Thullatun mina al-awwaleena

39. A (goodly) number
From those of old,

40. Wathullatun mina al-akhireena

40. And a (goodly) number
From those of later times.

41. Waas-habu alshshimali ma as-habu alshshimali

41. The Companions of
The Left Hand,—
What will be
The Companions of
The Left Hand?

42. Fee samoomin wahameemin

42. (They will be) in the midst
Of a fierce Blast of Fire
And in Boiling Water,

43. Wathillin min yahmoomin

43. And in the shades
Of Black Smoke:

44. La baridin wala kareemin

44. Nothing (will there be)
To refresh, nor to please:

45. Innahum kanoo qabla thalika mutrafeena

45. For that they were wont
To be indulged, before that,
In wealth (and luxury),

46. Wakanoo yusirroona AAala alhinthi alAAatheemi

46. And persisted obstinately
In wickedness supreme!

47. Wakanoo yaqooloona a-itha mitna wakunna turaban waAAithaman a-inna lamabAAoothoona

47. And they used to say,
"What! when we die
And become dust and bones,
Shall we then indeed
Be raised up again?—

48. Awa abaona al-awwaloona

48. "(We) and our fathers of old?"

49. Qul inna al-awwaleena waal-akhireena

49. Say: "Yea, those of old
And those of later times,

50. LamajmooAAoona ila meeqati yawmin maAAloomin

50. "All will certainly be
Gathered together for the meeting
Appointed for a Day

51. Thumma innakum ayyuha alddalloona almukaththiboona

51. "Then will ye truly,—
O ye that go wrong,
And treat (Truth) as Falsehood!—

52. Laakiloona min shajarin min zaqqoomin

52. "Ye will surely taste
Of the Tree of Zaqqūm.

53. Famali-oona minha albutoona

53. "Then will ye fill
Your insides therewith,

54. Fashariboona AAalayhi mina alhameemi

54. "And drink Boiling Water
On top of it:

55. Fashariboona shurba alheemi

55. "Indeed ye shall drink
Like diseased camels
Raging with thirst!"

56. Hatha nuzuluhum yawma alddeeni

56. Such will be their entertainment
On the Day of Requital!

57. Nahnu khalaqnakum falawla tusaddiqoona

57. It is We Who have
Created you: why will ye
Not witness the Truth?

58. Afaraaytum ma tumnoona

58. Do ye then see?—
The (human Seed) that
Ye throw out,—

59. Aantum takhluqoonahu am nahnu alkhaliqoona

59. Is it ye who create it,
Or are We the Creators?

60. Nahnu qaddarna baynakumu almawta wama nahnu bimasbooqeena

60. We have decreed Death
To be your common lot,
And We are not
To be frustrated

61. AAala an nubaddila amthalakum wanunshi-akum fee ma la taAAlamoona

61. From changing your Forms
And creating you (again)
In (Forms) that ye know not.

62. Walaqad AAalimtumu alnnash-ata al-oola falawla tathakkaroona

62. And ye certainly know already
The first form of creation:
Why then do ye not
Celebrate His praises?

63. Afaraaytum ma tahruthoona

63. See ye the seed that
Ye sow in the ground?

64. Aantum tazraAAoonahu am nahnu alzzariAAoona

64. Is it ye that cause it
To grow, or are We
The Cause?

65. Law nashao lajaAAalnahu hutaman fathaltum tafakkahoona

65. Were it Our Will,
We could crumble it
To dry powder, and ye would
Be left in wonderment,

66. Inna lamughramoona

66. (Saying), "We are indeed
Left with debts (for nothing):

67. Bal nahnu mahroomoona

67. "Indeed are we shut out
(Of the fruits of our labour)",

68. Afaraaytumu almaa allathee tashraboona

68. See ye the water
Which ye drink?

69. Aantum anzaltumoohu mina almuzni am nahnu almunziloona

69. Do ye bring it Down
(In rain) from the Cloud
Or do We?

70. Law nashao jaAAalnahu ojajan falawla tashkuroona

70. Were it Our Will,
We could make it
Salt (and unpalatable):
Then why do ye not
Give thanks?

71. Afaraaytumu alnnara allatee tooroona

71. See ye the Fire
Which ye kindle?

72. Aantum ansha/tum shajarataha am nahnu almunshi-oona

72. Is it ye who grow
The tree which feeds
The fire, or do We
Grow it?

73. Nahnu jaAAalnaha tathkiratan wamataAAan lilmuqweena

73. We have made it
A memorial (of Our handiwork),
And an article of comfort
And convenience for
The denizens of deserts.

74. Fasabbih biismi rabbika alAAatheemi

74. Then celebrate with praises,
The name of thy Lord,
The Supreme!

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