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Sūra LI.: Zāriyāt, or the Winds That Scatter. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra LI.: Zāriyāt, or the Winds That Scatter.

Section 1

1. Waalththariyati tharwan

1. By the (Winds)
That scatter broadcast;

2. Faalhamilati wiqran

2. And those that
Lift and bear away
Heavy weights;

3. Faaljariyati yusran

3. And those that
Flow with ease
And gentleness;

4. Faalmuqassimati amran

4. And those that
Distribute and apportion
By Command;—

5. Innama tooAAadoona lasadiqun

5. Verily that which ye
Are promised is true;

6. Wa-inna alddeena lawaqiAAun

6. And verily Judgment
And Justice must
Indeed come to pass.

7. Waalssama-i thati alhubuki

7. By the Sky
With (its) numerous Paths,

8. Innakum lafee qawlin mukhtalifin

8. Truly ye are in
A doctrine discordant,

9. Yu/faku AAanhu man ofika

9. Through which are deluded (away
From the Truth) such
As would be deluded.

10. Qutila alkharrasoona

10. Woe to the falsehood-mongers,—

11. Allatheena hum fee ghamratin sahoona

11. Those who (flounder) heedless
In a flood of confusion:

12. Yas-aloona ayyana yawmu alddeeni

12. They ask, "When will be
The Day of Judgment
And Justice?"

13. Yawma hum AAala alnnari yuftanoona

13. (It will be) a Day
When they will be tried
(And tested) over the Fire!

14. Thooqoo fitnatakum hatha allathee kuntum bihi tastaAAjiloona

14. "Taste ye your trial!
This is what ye used
To ask to be hastened!

15. Inna almuttaqeena fee jannatin waAAuyoonin

15. As to the Righteous,
They will be in the midst
Of Gardens and Springs,

16. Akhitheena ma atahum rabbuhum innahum kanoo qabla thalika muhsineena

16. Taking joy in the things
Which their Lord gives them,
Because, before then, they
Lived a good life.

17. Kanoo qaleelan mina allayli ma yahjaAAoona

17. They were in the habit
Of sleeping but little
By night,

18. Wabial-ashari hum yastaghfiroona

18. And in the hours
Of early dawn,
They (were found) praying
For Forgiveness;

19. Wafee amwalihim haqqun lilssa-ili waalmahroomi

19. And in their wealth
And possessions (was remembered)
The right of the (needy,)
Him who asked, and him
Who (for some reason) was
Prevented (from asking).

20. Wafee al-ardi ayatun lilmooqineena

20. On the earth
Are Signs for those
Of assured Faith,

21. Wafee anfusikum afala tubsiroona

21. As also in your, own
Selves: will ye not
Then see?

22. Wafee alssama-i rizqukum wama tooAAadoona

22. And in heaven is
Your Sustenance, as (also)
That which ye are promised.

23. Fawarabbi alssama-i waal-ardi innahu lahaqqun mithla ma annakum tantiqoona

23. Then, by the Lord
Of heaven and earth,
This is the very Truth,
As much as the fact
That ye can speak
Intelligently to each other.

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