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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra L.: Qāf.

Section 3

30. Yawma naqoolu lijahannama hali imtala/ti wataqoolu hal min mazeedin

30. One Day We will
Ask Hell, "Art thou
Filled to the full?"
It will say, "Are there
Any more (to come)?"

31. Waozlifati aljannatu lilmuttaqeena ghayra baAAeedin

31. And the Garden
Will be brought nigh
To the Righteous,—no more
A thing distant.

32. Hatha ma tooAAadoona likulli awwabin hafeethin

32. (A voice will say:)
"This is what was
Promised for you,
For every one who turned
(To God) in sincere repentance,
Who kept (His Law),

33. Man khashiya alrrahmana bialghaybi wajaa biqalbin muneebin

33. "Who feared (God)
Most Gracious unseen,
And brought a heart
Turned in devotion (to Him):

34. Odkhulooha bisalamin thalika yawmu alkhuloodi

34. "Enter ye therein
In Peace and Security;
This is a Day
Of Eternal Life!"

35. Lahum ma yashaoona feeha waladayna mazeedun

35. There will be for them
Therein all that they wish,—
And more besides
In Our Presence,

36. Wakam ahlakna qablahum min qarnin hum ashaddu minhum batshan fanaqqaboo fee albiladi hal min maheesin

36. But how many
Generations before them
Did We destroy (for their
Sins),—stronger in power
Than they? Then did they
Wander through the land:
Was there any place
Of escape (for them)?

37. Inna fee thalika lathikra liman kana lahu qalbun aw alqa alssamAAa wahuwa shaheedun

37. Verily in this
Is a Message
For any that has
A heart and understanding
Or who gives ear and
Earnestly witnesses (the truth).

38. Walaqad khalaqna alssamawati waal-arda wama baynahuma fee sittati ayyamin wama massana min lughoobin

38. We created the heavens
And the earth and all
Between them in Six Days,
Nor did any sense
Of weariness touch Us.

39. Faisbir AAala ma yaqooloona wasabbih bihamdi rabbika qabla tulooAAi alshshamsi waqabla alghuroobi

39. Bear, then, with patience,
All that they say,
And celebrate the praises
Of thy Lord, before
The rising of the sun
And before (its) setting,

40. Wamina allayli fasabbihhu waadbara alssujoodi

40. And during part
Of the night, (also,)
Celebrate His praises,
And (so likewise)
After the postures
Of adoration.

41. WaistamiAA yawma yunadi almunadi min makanin qareebin

41. And listen for the Day
When the Caller will call
Out from a place
Quite near,—

42. Yawma yasmaAAoona alssayhata bialhaqqi thalika yawmu alkhurooji

42. The Day when they will
Hear a (mighty) Blast
In (very) truth: that
Will be the Day
Of Resurrection.

43. Inna nahnu nuhyee wanumeetu wa-ilayna almaseeru

43. Verily it is We Who
Give Life and Death;
And to Us is
The Final Goal—

44. Yawma tashaqqaqu al-ardu AAanhum siraAAan thalika hashrun AAalayna yaseerun

44. The Day when
The Earth will be
Rent asunder, from (men)
Hurrying out: that will be
A gathering together,—
Quite easy for Us.

45. Nahnu aAAlamu bima yaqooloona wama anta AAalayhim bijabbarin fathakkir bialqur-ani man yakhafu waAAeedi

45. We know best what they
Say; and thou art not
One to overawe them
By force. So admonish
With the Qur-ān such
As fear My Warning!

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