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Sūra XL.: Mū-min, or The Believer. Index
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Sūra XL.: Mū-min, or The Believer.

Section 3

21. Awa lam yaseeroo fee al-ardi fayanthuroo kayfa kana AAaqibatu allatheena kanoo min qablihim kanoo hum ashadda minhum quwwatan waatharan fee al-ardi faakhathahumu Allahu bithunoobihim wama kana lahum mina Allahi min waqin

21. Do they not travel
Through the earth and see
What was the End
Of those before them
They were even superior
To them in strength,
And in the traces (they
Have left) in the land:
But God did call them
To account for their sins,
And none had they
To defend them against God.

22. Thalika bi-annahum kanat ta/teehim rusuluhum bialbayyinati fakafaroo faakhathahumu Allahu innahu qawiyyun shadeedu alAAiqabi

22. That was because there came
To them their apostles
With Clear (Signs),
But they rejected them:
So God called them
To account: for He is
Full of Strength,
Strict in Punishment.

23. Walaqad arsalna moosa bi-ayatina wasultanin mubeenin

23. Of old We sent Moses,
With Our Signs
And an Authority manifest,

24. Ila firAAawna wahamana waqaroona faqaloo sahirun kaththabun

24. To Pharaoh, Hāmān,
And Qārūn; but they
Called (him) "a sorcerer
Telling lies!"…

25. Falamma jaahum bialhaqqi min AAindina qaloo oqtuloo abnaa allatheena amanoo maAAahu waistahyoo nisaahum wama kaydu alkafireena illa fee dalalin

25. Now, when he came to them
In Truth, from Us,
They said, "Slay the sons
Of those who believe a
With him, and keep alive
Their females," but the plots
Of Unbelievers (end) in nothing
But errors (and delusions)!…

26. Waqala firAAawnu tharoonee aqtul moosa walyadAAu rabbahu innee akhafu an yubaddila deenakum aw an yuthhira fee al-ardi alfasada

26. Said Pharaoh: "Leave me
To slay Moses; and let him
Call on his Lord!
What I fear is lest
He should change your religion,
Or lest he should cause
Mischief to appear
In the land!"

27. Waqala moosa innee AAuthtu birabbee warabbikum min kulli mutakabbirin la yu/minu biyawmi alhisabi

27. Moses said: "I have indeed
Called upon my Lord
And your Lord
(For protection) from every
Arrogant one who believes not
In the Day of Account!"

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