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Sūra XL.: Mū-min, or The Believer. Index
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Sūra XL.: Mū-min, or The Believer.

Section 2

10. Inna allatheena kafaroo yunadawna lamaqtu Allahi akbaru min maqtikum anfusakum ith tudAAawna ila al-eemani fatakfuroona

10. The Unbelievers will be
Addressed: "Greater was
The aversion of God to you
Than (is), your aversion
To yourselves, seeing that ye
Were called to the Faith
And ye used to refuse."

11. Qaloo rabbana amattana ithnatayni waahyaytana ithnatayni faiAAtarafna bithunoobina fahal ila khuroojin min sabeelin

11. They will say: "Our Lord!
Twice hast Thou made us
Without life, and twice
Hast Thou given us Life!
Now have we recognised
Our sins: is there
Any way out (of this)?"

12. Thalikum bi-annahu itha duAAiya Allahu wahdahu kafartum wa-in yushrak bihi tu/minoo faalhukmu lillahi alAAaliyyi alkabeeri

12. (The answer will be:)
"This is because, when
God was invoked as
The Only (object of worship),
Ye did reject Faith,
But when partners were
Joined to Him, ye believed!
The Command is with God,
Most High, Most Great!"

13. Huwa allathee yureekum ayatihi wayunazzilu lakum mina alssama-i rizqan wama yatathakkaru illa man yuneebu

13. He it is Who showeth
You His Signs, and sendeth
Down Sustenance for you
From the sky: but only
Those receive admonition
Who turn (to God).

14. FaodAAoo Allaha mukhliseena lahu alddeena walaw kariha alkafiroona

14. Call ye, then, upon God
With sincere devotion to Him,
Even though the Unbelievers
May detest it.

15. RafeeAAu alddarajati thoo alAAarshi yulqee alrrooha min amrihi AAala man yashao min AAibadihi liyunthira yawma alttalaqi

15. Raised high above ranks
(Or degrees),
(He is) the Lord
Of the Throne (of authority):
By His Command doth He
Send the spirit (of inspiration)
To any of His servants
He pleases, that it may
Warn (men) of the Day
Of Mutual Meeting,—

16. Yawma hum barizoona la yakhfa AAala Allahi minhum shay-on limani almulku alyawma lillahi alwahidi alqahhari

16. The Day whereon
They will (all) come forth:
Not a single thing
Concerning them is hidden
From God. Whose will be
The Dominion that Day?
That of God, the One,
The Irresistible!

17. Alyawma tujza kullu nafsin bima kasabat la thulma alyawma inna Allaha sareeAAu alhisabi

17. That Day will every soul
Be requited for what
It earned; no injustice
Will there be that Day,
For God is Swift
In taking account.

18. Waanthirhum yawma al-azifati ithi alquloobu lada alhanajiri kathimeena ma lilththalimeena min hameemin wala shafeeAAin yutaAAu

18. Warn them of the Day
That is (ever) drawing near,
When the Hearts will
(Come) right up to the Throats
To choke (them);
No intimate friend
Nor intercessor will the
Have, who could be
Listened to.

19. YaAAlamu kha-inata al-aAAyuni wama tukhfee alssudooru

19. (God) knows of (the tricks)
That deceive with the eyes,
And all that the hearts
(Of men) conceal.

20. WaAllahu yaqdee bialhaqqi waallatheena yadAAoona min doonihi la yaqdoona bishay-in inna Allaha huwa alssameeAAu albaseeru

20. And God will judge
With (Justice and) Truth:
But those whom (men)
Invoke besides Him, will
Not (be in a position)
To judge at all.
Verily it is God (alone)
Who hears and sees
(All things).

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