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Sūra XXXVII.: Ṣāffāt, or Those Ranged in Ranks. Index
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Sūra XXXVII.: Ṣāffāt, or Those Ranged in Ranks.

Section 4

114. Walaqad mananna AAala moosa waharoona

114. Again, (of old,)
We bestowed Our favour
On Moses and Aaron,

115. Wanajjaynahuma waqawmahuma mina alkarbi alAAatheemi

115. And We delivered them
And their people from
(Their) Great Calamity;

116. Wanasarnahum fakanoo humu alghalibeena

116. And We helped them,
So they overcame
(their troubles);

117. Waataynahuma alkitaba almustabeena

117. And We gave them
The Book which helps
To make things clear;

118. Wahadaynahuma alssirata almustaqeema

118. And We guided them
To the Straight Way.

119. Watarakna AAalayhima fee al-akhireena

119. And We left (this blessing)
For them among generations
(To come) in later times:

120. Salamun AAala moosa waharoona

120. "Peace and salutation
To Moses and Aaron!"

121. Inna kathalika najzee almuhsineena

121. Thus indeed do We reward
Those who do right.

122. Innahuma min AAibadina almu/mineena

122. For they were two
Of Our believing Servants.

123. Wa-inna ilyasa lamina almursaleena

123. So also was Elias
Among those sent (by Us).

124. Ith qala liqawmihi ala tattaqoona

124. Behold, he said
To his people,
"Will ye not fear (God)?

125. AtadAAoona baAAlan watatharoona ahsana alkhaliqeena

125. "Will ye call upon Baal
And forsake the Best
Of Creators,—

126. Allaha rabbakum warabba aba-ikumu al-awwaleena

126. "God, your Lord and Cherisher
And the Lord and Cherisher
Of your fathers of old?"

127. Fakaththaboohu fa-innahum lamuhdaroona

127. But they rejected him,
And they will certainly
Be called up (for punishment),—

128. Illa AAibada Allahi almukhlaseena

128. Except the sincere and devoted
Servants of God (among them).

129. Watarakna AAalayhi fee al-akhireena

129. And We left (this blessing)
For him among generations
(To come) in later times:

130. Salamun AAala il yaseena

130. "Peace and salutation
To such as Elias!"

131. Inna kathalika najzee almuhsineena

131. Thus indeed do We reward
Those who do right.

132. Innahu min AAibadina almu/mineena

132. For he was one
Of Our believing Servants.

133. Wa-inna lootan lamina almursaleena

133. So also was Lot
Among those sent (by Us).

134. Ith najjaynahu waahlahu ajmaAAeena

134. Behold, We delivered him
And his adherents, all

135. Illa AAajoozan fee alghabireena

135. Except an old woman
Who was among those
Who lagged behind:

136. Thumma dammarna al-akhareena

136. Then We destroyed
The rest.

137. Wa-innakum latamurroona AAalayhim musbiheena

137. Verily, ye pass
By their (sites),
By day—

138. Wabiallayli afala taAAqiloona

138. And by night:
Will ye not understand?

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