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Sūra XXXVII.: Ṣāffāt, or Those Ranged in Ranks. Index
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Sūra XXXVII.: Ṣāffāt, or Those Ranged in Ranks.

Section 5

139. Wa-inna yoonusa lamina almursaleena

139. So also was Jonah
Among those sent (by Us).

140. Ith abaqa ila alfulki almashhooni

140. When he ran away
(Like a slave from captivity)
To the ship (fully) laden,

141. Fasahama fakana mina almudhadeena

141. He (agreed to) cast lots,
And he was condemned:

142. Failtaqamahu alhootu wahuwa muleemun

142. Then the big Fish
Did swallow him,
And he had done
Acts worthy of blame.

143. Falawla annahu kana mina almusabbiheena

143. Had it not been
That he (repented and)
Glorified God,

144. Lalabitha fee batnihi ila yawmi yubAAathoona

144. He would certainly have
Remained inside the Fish
Till the Day of Resurrection.

145. Fanabathnahu bialAAara-i wahuwa saqeemun

145. But We cast him forth
On the naked shore
In a state of sickness,

146. Waanbatna AAalayhi shajaratan min yaqteenin

146. And We caused to grow,
Over him, a spreading plant
Of the Gourd kind.

147. Waarsalnahu ila mi-ati alfin aw yazeedoona

147. And We sent him
(On a mission)
To a hundred thousand
(Men) or more.

148. Faamanoo famattaAAnahum ila heenin

148. And they believed;
So We permitted them
To enjoy (their life)
For a while.

149. Faistaftihim alirabbika albanatu walahumu albanoona

149. Now ask them their opinion:
Is it that thy Lord
Has (only) daughters, and they
Have sons?—

150. Am khalaqna almala-ikata inathan wahum shahidoona

150. Or that We created
The angels female, and they
Are witnesses (thereto)?

151. Ala innahum min ifkihim layaqooloona

151. Is it not that they
Say, from their own invention,

152. Walada Allahu wa-innahum lakathiboona

152. "God has begotten children"?
But they are liars!

153. Astafa albanati AAala albaneena

153. Did He (then) choose
Daughters rather than sons?

154. Ma lakum kayfa tahkumoona

154. What is the matter
With you? How judge ye?

155. Afala tathakkaroona

155. Will ye not then
Receive admonition?

156. Am lakum sultanun mubeenun

156. Or have ye
An authority manifest?

157. Fa/too bikitabikum in kuntum sadiqeena

157. Then bring ye your Book
(Of authority) if ye be

158. WajaAAaloo baynahu wabayna aljinnati nasaban walaqad AAalimati aljinnatu innahum lamuhdaroona

158. And they have invented
A blood-relationship
Between Him and the Jinns:
But the Jinns know
(Quite well) that they
Have indeed to appear
(Before His Judgment-seat)!

159. Subhana Allahi AAamma yasifoona

159. Glory to God! (He is free)
From the things they ascribe
(To Him)!

160. Illa AAibada Allahi almukhlaseena

160. Not (so do) the Servants
Of God, sincere and devoted.

161. Fa-innakum wama taAAbudoona

161. For, verily, neither ye
Nor those ye worship—

162. Ma antum AAalayhi bifatineena

162. Can lead (any)
Into temptation
Concerning God,

163. Illa man huwa sali aljaheemi

163. Except such as are
(Themselves) going to
The blazing Fire!

164. Wama minna illa lahu maqamun maAAloomun

164. (Those ranged in ranks say):
"Not one of us but has
A place appointed;

165. Wa-inna lanahnu alssaffoona

165. "And we are verily
Ranged in ranks (for service);

166. Wa-inna lanahnu almusabbihoona

166. "And we are verily those
Who declare (God's) glory!"

167. Wa-in kanoo layaqooloona

167. And there were those
Who said,

168. Law anna AAindana thikran mina al-awwaleena

168. "If only we had had
Before us a Message
From those of old,

169. Lakunna AAibada Allahi almukhlaseena

169. "We should certainly have
Been Servants of God,
Sincere (and devoted)!"

170. Fakafaroo bihi fasawfa yaAAlamoona

170. But (now that the Qur-ān
Has come), they reject it:
But soon will they know!

171. Walaqad sabaqat kalimatuna liAAibadina almursaleena

171. Already has Our Word
Been passed before (this)
To Our Servants sent (by Us),

172. Innahum lahumu almansooroona

172. That they would certainly
Be assisted,

173. Wa-inna jundana lahumu alghaliboona

173. And that Our forces,—
They surely must conquer.

174. Fatawalla AAanhum hatta heenin

174. So turn thou away
From them for a little while,

175. Waabsirhum fasawfa yubsiroona

175. And watch them (how
They fare), and they soon
Shall see (how thou farest)!

176. AfabiAAathabina yastaAAjiloona

176. Do they wish (indeed)
To hurry on our Punishment?

177. Fa-itha nazala bisahatihim fasaa sabahu almunthareena

177. But when it descends
Into the open space
Before them, evil will be
The morning for those who
Were warned (and heeded not)!

178. Watawalla AAanhum hatta heenin

178. So turn thou away
From them for a little while,

179. Waabsir fasawfa yubsiroona

179. And watch (how they fare)
And they soon shall see
(How thou farest)!

180. Subhana rabbika rabbi alAAizzati AAamma yasifoona

180. Glory to thy Lord,
The Lord of Honour
And Power! (He is free)
From what they ascribe
(To Him)!

181. Wasalamun AAala almursaleena

181. And Peace on the apostles!

182. Waalhamdu lillahi rabbi alAAalameena

182. And Praise to God,
The Lord and Cherisher
Of the Worlds.

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