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Sūra XXIX.: ‘Ankabūt, or the Spider

Section 4

31. Walamma jaat rusuluna ibraheema bialbushra qaloo inna muhlikoo ahli hathihi alqaryati inna ahlaha kanoo thalimeena

31. When Our Messengers came
To Abraham with the good news,
They said: "We are indeed
Going to destroy the people
Of this township: for truly
They are (addicted to) crime."

32. Qala inna feeha lootan qaloo nahnu aAAlamu biman feeha lanunajjiyannahu waahlahu illa imraatahu kanat mina alghabireena

32. He said: "But there is
Lūṭ there." They said:
"Well do we know who
Is there: we will certainly
Save him and his following,—
Except his wife: she is
Of those who lag behind!"

33. Walamma an jaat rusuluna lootan see-a bihim wadaqa bihim tharAAan waqaloo la takhaf wala tahzan inna munajjooka waahlaka illa imraataka kanat mina alghabireena

33. And when Our Messengers
Came to Lūṭ, he was
Grieved on their account,
And felt himself powerless
(To protect) them: but they said:
"Fear thou not, nor grieve:
We are (here) to save thee
And thy following, except
Thy wife: she is
Of those who lag behind.

34. Inna munziloona AAala ahli hathihi alqaryati rijzan mina alssama-i bima kanoo yafsuqoona

34. "For we are going to
Bring down on the people
Of this township a Punishment
From heaven, because they
Have been wickedly rebellious."

35. Walaqad tarakna minha ayatan bayyinatan liqawmin yaAAqiloona

35. And We have left thereof
An evident Sign,
For any people who
(Care to) understand.

36. Wa-ila madyana akhahum shuAAayban faqala ya qawmi oAAbudoo Allaha waorjoo alyawma al-akhira wala taAAthaw fee al-ardi mufsideena

36. To the Madyan (people)
(We sent) their brother Shu‘aib.
Then he said: "O my people!
Serve God, and fear the Last
Day: nor commit evil
On the earth, with intent
To do mischief."

37. Fakaththaboohu faakhathat-humu alrrajfatu faasbahoo fee darihim jathimeena

37. But they rejected him:
Then the mighty Blast
Seized them, and they lay
Prostrate in their homes
By the morning.

38. WaAAadan wathamooda waqad tabayyana lakum min masakinihim wazayyana lahumu alshshaytanu aAAmalahum fasaddahum AAani alssabeeli wakanoo mustabsireena

38. (Remember also) the ’Ad
And the Thamūd (people):
Clearly will appear to you
From (the traces) of their buildings
(Their fate): the Evil One
Made their deeds alluring
To them, and kept them hack
From the Path, though they
Were gifted with Intelligence
And Skill.

39. Waqaroona wafirAAawna wahamana walaqad jaahum moosa bialbayyinati faistakbaroo fee al-ardi wama kanoo sabiqeena

39. (Remember also) Qārūn,
Pharaoh, and Haman: there came
To them Moses with Clear Signs,
But they behaved with insolence
On the earth; yet they
Could not overreach (Us).

40. Fakullan akhathna bithanbihi faminhum man arsalna AAalayhi hasiban waminhum man akhathat-hu alssayhatu waminhum man khasafna bihi al-arda waminhum man aghraqna wama kana Allahu liyathlimahum walakin kanoo anfusahum yathlimoona

40. Each one of them We seized
For his crime: of them,
Against some We sent
A violent tornado (with showers
Of stones); some were caught
By a (mighty) Blast; some
We caused the earth
To swallow up; and some
We drowned (in the waters):
It was net God Who
Injured (or oppressed) them:
They injured (and oppressed)
Their own souls.

41. Mathalu allatheena ittakhathoo min dooni Allahi awliyaa kamathali alAAankabooti ittakhathat baytan wa-inna awhana albuyooti labaytu alAAankabooti law kanoo yaAAlamoona

41. The parable of those who
Take protectors other than God
Is that of the Spider,
Who builds (to itself)
A house; but truly
The flimsiest of houses
Is the Spider's house;—
If they but knew.

42. Inna Allaha yaAAlamu ma yadAAoona min doonihi min shay-in wahuwa alAAazeezu alhakeemu

42. Verily God doth know
Of (every thing) whatever
That they call upon
Besides Him: and He is
Exalted (in power), Wise.

43. Watilka al-amthalu nadribuha lilnnasi wama yaAAqiluha illa alAAalimoona

43. And such are the Parables
We set forth for mankind,
But only those understand them
Who have Knowledge.

44. Khalaqa Allahu alssamawati waal-arda bialhaqqi inna fee thalika laayatan lilmu-mineena

44. God created the heavens
And the earth in true (proportions):
Verily in that is a Sign
For those who believe.

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